Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Yeah I agree I’d rather him taking penalties.


Should have fckn put his laces through it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: so lackadaisical :face_with_monocle:


Can’t wait for him and Lacca to do a commentary on tis NLD too, dumb fucking cunts


Couldn’t watch but I can’t believe we missed a 91st min penalty. What a prick


These things happen but the reality is that you expect your big man to score that.

Kane fucking would have (and did)


Hes so fckin overrated in Arsenal circles its unbelievable


Only those who kick miss.


His general performance was good though.


You know what’s fucked?

Auba hadn’t even taken the pen and Vertonghen was already 4 yards off the line and makes the block.

Encroachment and should’ve been retaken.


FFS! Can’t take a penalty against the big teams.


Should have smashed :rage:


Penalty was afwful, but what concers me more is his lack of effort, he came on in the second half and barely put any pressure on their defensive line


I thought that’s exactly what he DID do


Stating the obvious is contrarian apparently :roll_eyes:

If you had told Arsenal fans before the game it’ll come down to an Auba pen in extra time to win it all 99% would take that and back him to score

He bottled it with a lame pen. We lost out on two points, let move on


You know what also annoys me? I’m starting my fantasy football week on -1! The prick!


Yeah I’m still pissed at the linesman but we had a 90th min pen chance to win the game and bottled it.


It’s fair to say, without exaggeration, that the majority of your posts end up with strong debate though right?

I’d argue you’re a contrarian! But it’s fun having you on here to spark the debates, it’s good imo


So you didn’t captain him? :triumph:


You can’t argue with a 5 in 5 man stepping up to take the pelanty, albeit it’s a bit sketchy when he’s not been on the field that long.

I have more issue with Lacazette missing two fairly big chances - neither even on target - the 2nd of which would’ve won us the game at 0-2, regardless of reffing decisions


Its a valid point about our strikers letting us down, I called you contrarian because you used that point to back up calling another poster lazy for being pissed off at the refs, when people have every right to be pissed at the officials.

Feeling the need to disagree with that and label it a lazy opinion when the vast majority of football fans would say Arsenal fans have the right to be aggrieved is why you’re a contrarian. Dictionary definition this.