Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Rumour has it that he hasn’t travelled to Huddersfield due to illness.


Emery said he should be ok, tbh.



Better than Aguero, Klaim and Salah :kos2:





Giroud was more than just goals. Put some respect on his name :unamused:


Girls are just about it :hipster:


With the amount we spent on Auba, it be worrying if he hadn’t surpass Giroud’s number at some point :sweat_smile: Also, Auba has the record for fastest Arsenal player to reach 25 goals for the club, even quicker than Henry. So it seems kinda pointless Giroud’s name being brought up, when right now, Auba’s been beating them all!

I’d be interested to see a comparsion on assists between Auba and Giroud though, as Olly was good in that aspect.


Closest thing to Henry says Keown. :joy::joy::joy:
Man like Henry was ruthless. He ain’t.


Fuck off you bottling cunt 65M and you can’t score a fucking penalty


I’ll be over it tomorrow but what a cunt.


It’s a poor penalty but I don’t think he takes it if Laca is on. Truth is the pressure for a last minute penalty in a game of this magnitude is immense.

I don’t want to be too critical of him. He’s off form but he’s a scorer and you can see it’s hurt him.


Casual bastard, for the rebounda as well


Laca doesn’t miss that. What’s wrong with you fucking idiot


Laca had a poor game himself.


Lacazette missed a gimme chance also, both our strikers are to blame for the fact we didn’t get 3 points.


so fucking casual, that had me shouting at the tv you fucking bury that you twat it at 100 miles an hour not that cunting pearoller i couldda done better stupid motherfucking cuntbag!


Not denying that but Lacazette is a much better penalty taker


He scored his last 5 pens but somehow I knew he’d miss that one.