Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


He was available for 55m and nobody wanted him and he’s proved nothing here that the world didn’t already know about him. Why would anyone pay more for him when he’s 30?


Someone like Chelsea who are desperate for a quality CF could be willing to offer that sort of money. At the time of Aubameyang’s sale they would have had a lot more faith in Morata’s ability, likewise United with Rom.


He has proved in the Bundesliga and in the PL that he is a world class striker so if he is the leading scorer in this league this season, playing in front of an average midfield, imagine what he could do in the same league with other world class players playing alongside him.

It also depends on how ambitious he is.
If he came here to play CL and win trophies, he might feel he has made the wrong decision and could be tempted by more ambitious clubs playing CL football.


He’s not gonna leave ffs


I personally don’t think his sole ambition was to come here and play CL and win trophies, when you factor in our position at the time he joined us.


80m is feck all these days



He has done well, but could have done more if he hadn’t missed some easy chances.


i dont know how he fucking manages some strikes like the one against tottenham from outside the box and without stopping the ball, but somehow he cant score from 3 yards out. He manages to hit the goalkeeper or makes it easy for a defender to get a last ditch tackle in. If he scored those chances also the guy would be scary.


Let’s put it this way, without Aubameyang, we would be struggling for a top six place.
He is a top striker and, after Ozil leaves, easily our best player.


not disagreeing it just boggles the mind what he can do but somehow cant manage strikes that a striker far beneath his level can put away. It is just frustrating, if he could do the simple strikes just as well he would be scary good.


Basically I trust Lacazette more inside the box and Aubameyang more on the edge / outside the box. Unarguably they both need to start most games now and hopefully Emery has settled on that as the way forward


Dunno, whilst their partnership is special, I think it’s honestly fine to rotate either one for different games. For the sake of balance.

In a more congested game, where we (try) and dominate possession more towards the oppositions 18-yard box, I’d definitely be having Lacazette up top. Has a tendency to weave and dribble in closer spaces and manages to get a shot off.

Sitting back, soaking pressure and biding our time for a counter, you’re definitely going to want Aubameyang floating around up top waiting for that one ball to reach him.

This is all in an ideal world though. We’re a broken team at the moment trying to perform Emery’s plan.


Agree. Laca is the superior box player, always looking for a finish no matter his position in and around the box. Both compliment each others game.


Did we play with a diamond on saturday? If so, both Auba and Laca were on the same line so we looked more dangerous.





We also need all big chances for each of them to determine whether that’s good or bad.


Cocky bottler :bellend:


Fuck his ability to get on the end of so many big chances is impressive, imagine missing that many good ones and still be right in the thick of it for the Golden boot.

Aubameyang will score 20 + league goals, it’s a shame he does butcher a few though as we’d be better off and he’d hit 30+.