Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


He was disgraceful today, not if’s or but’s about it. If the game goes agaisnt us, it’s like we’re playing with 10 men with him as a passenger, a bit like Ozil. He’s great when we are in control of games. That’s why I have Laca playing ahead of him in tougher games, he just works harder.


Wanted to rage on him when Guendouzi gave him a clear pass right in front of him and he just let it roll the dope.
He gets brain dead at times I swear! It wasn’t long ago when someone passed to him and the guy was running in front the ball.


Still going to get us more points than anybody else. Bad finishing though is as culpable as bad defending.


Chill the fuck out


Exactly. Good striker, but not a top one.


I hope you don’t consider to many strikers in the world to be top ones, if a 30 goal a season one isn’t.

For what it’s worth Aubameyang also pretty much played on the wing yesterday, so maybe Emery should have used him at CF, put Lacazette on the bench and added a creative mid be it Ramsey or Ozil for link up.


It’s not the first time he misses easy chances, tbh. Something is wrong with him.


Not his fault Emery plays dogshit football.


Because it’s Emery who asks him to miss chances :bellend:


No but it is Emery who users him out on the wing on a fair few occasions which takes Aubameyang away from a lot of his strengths that made him a sought after player.


When RVP scored 30 goals he averaged a goal for every 5.8 shots. Aubameyang is averaging a goal every 4.08 shots and was on something like a shot per goal for a period. Yes it’s the managers fault he isn’t getting enough chances.


That’s the case of playing him and Laca together. They don’t.


Should still score the ones he gets.


No striker scores all the chances they get Henry and RVP included. You just forget the misses when they score.


Hope, but all his misses are still incredible. Yesterday, Brighton, Huddersfield and Wolverhampton.


If Aubameyang does score thirty goals or more this season and we finish sixth with no trophies I wonder if he will be tempted by a big money move away to a club willing to pay 80m to get him.

Man U, Chelsea, Man City and even Liverpool all need a striker of his quality and are our board really going to turn down an offer to make a profit on him at his age?

It’s not like we don’t have a record of selling our best players to rival clubs.


He can go. Fed up with being hold back by the players.


Yeah, let’s sell Auba and get Giroud back. :arteta:


Is Sanago available on a loan deal in Jan with option to buy in the summer ?


I support Arsenal, not a single player.