Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Fucking hilarious some are starting to scapegoat a player that will score 30 goals for us in all competitions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


again, huh? He had a bad game, but so did our shambolic “midfield” and “creativity/passing” behind him and Laca… what conspiracy are you cooking up, lol?


Who’s doing that?


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I’m just looking at the fact of how many consecutive games we score in. I’m then comparing that to how many consecutive games we concede in from defensive individual errors committed by defenders or central midfielders.

I’m then putting forward a tentative suggestion that it’s our defence that’s letting us down :roll_eyes:


Shocker; strikers miss chances.

The difference between Auba, Kane, Aguero et al is that they are playing in far, far more creative teams and are getting more clear cut chances and shots per game.


No question over this season our team defense and individual defenders has been awful, but we have also had some games where our offensive fluidity is awful… today was one. Oddly, our defense wasn’t bad today except for our chronic inability to take care of basic clearances.


Maverick comments @ljungbergkamp “ he fluffs to many chances and that is not good enough “

What do people expect ? Him to score all his chances and score as much as Messi ?


Yep - we are pretty much a countering team with the occasional breakthrough from someone like Kola get open things up… we have very good strikers who rely on way too little from what is behind them… and if you look at the players, it is no surprise…


He misses way too many.

He isn’t world class. If you want to see world class, look at how Aguero finished from a tighter angle against Liverpool a week and a half back.

One chance, one shot, goal


the chances he misses are easy and he is of the calbre you expect him to dispatch them easily though, so dont act like a prick everyone can see this you choose not to. He scores some tricky goals but ones even a mediocre to a poor striker should score he doesnt and it happens pretty much every single game and its really poor from him.


Yeah I couldn’t say objectively how he is doing relative to expected goals, etc… but I personally was more focusing on his overall play, which wasn’t good today. He is still a great striker and we need him to be playing.


Yeah he’s missed easy ones but that’s just the sort of player he is. His movement and ability to constantly get in great positions means he’ll score 30 goals for the season… I’ll live with it.


Not crap and get rid but he needs to adapt more. Andy Carroll was holding the ball up on the halfway line for West Ham. Drawing fouls, just being gangly and awkward.

If Aubameyang can’t finish his chances, I’m afraid he’s going to have to play for the team a lot, lot more than he currently is


He is leading the league in goal-scoring… he isn’t a great hold-up player in the Carroll mold and I can’t even believe we are using Carroll as some sort of measuring stick of any sort.

I hear what people are saying about finishing… eye test and I might agree somewhat; however, it would be interesting to see what his actual goals are to his expected goals - that might give us more objective insight.


Our attack shouldn’t have to be relied upon to bail out idiots like Mustafi and co. every single game tho and it is every single game, no hyperbole.

Our metrics for goal scoring, goalXd are comparable with the teams around us we’re competing with (Chelsea, Tottenham) but if you look at the defensive numbers in almost every area we’re a bottom half of the table team.

Stats start to get telling over the course of half a season and beyond. Our clean sheet record should be enough to tell you that we won’t possibly end up top 4


Is anyone arguing against what you are saying? I think people are reacting to single game analysis and extrapolating that to some sort of season-long judgment… I don’t think anyone in their right mind would suggest that our primary issue isn’t shambolic defending and midfield errors, leaking goals left, right, and center.

Having said that, we need another competent creative attacking player, probably a wide one.


also, the expected goals I am talking about is specific to Auba - I haven’t seen it, but it would be an interesting data point to help us assess whether he is or isn’t “fluffing” too many chances… (that doesn’t factor in movement and what he does to help create those chances in the first place, so again it would be crude and incomplete)


That boy Nasri looked good for West Ham tod…oh


lol if I was going to take one of their players it would probably be Anderson over Nasri lol.