Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


This is always going to happen. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the only ones who can and have scored 45-50 goals in a season. Going one-for-one, or close too that, in a season is extremely hard.



I wish Aubameyang had a song half as good as Chamakh’s was


Is it better than Adebayors tho?


Maybe I’m being grumpy but forget the Henry comparisons. Henry was a legend in every sense of the word, no questions.

But Henry was playing for us when we were winning titles, or at the least, challenging competitively for titles.

Today we have Aubameyang who still easily slots into the top 7-8 CFs in world football playing for a team who comfortably finish in a Europa League spot.

For me it’s no comparison. I loved Titi and I very much enjoy Auba at the moment.


This was how I felt when first read it…

No wonder my wife keep saying I am gross…


Did you see this too @ronniec? :grin:


Not this time… :stuck_out_tongue:

“I loved titties” makes a lot more sense than “winning titties”…



haha that’s a real tweet?




Auba is a real one :sweat_smile:


@Aussiegooner, another golden chance missed today. But hey, he is the Premier League top scorer :wink:


At least he got in a position to get the chance, shame Lacazette got taken off at half time again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Doesn’t do well coming back for the ball towards our goal… not a good game from him today, but our ridiculous midfield “passing” behind him and Laca were a joke.


and he never finishes them, he is fucking annoying me now. He could be way out in front for goals scored he fluffs too many really easy chances and that is not good enough.


It is what it is. He’s like Cavani, will miss sitters but his movement is so good if you put him through enough times he will score.

But he won’t be put through enough times if we play small-dick football, sitting back against mid-table teams :arteta:


Or don’t have any competent passers of the ball… our movement and passing were disgusting today. WHU were organized, but yikes… that reminded me a bit of that period of Wenger football that was soul-crushing with players like Denilson passing around the perimeter with not a clue how to unlock a defense.


Having a go at Aubameyang in light of his contribution over the course of the season so far is laughable :smile:


Huh? If you judge a game’s performance, you are judging a game’s performance. He wasn’t good today. Is anyone saying he is crap and we should get rid?