Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I love Aubameyang but he’s no Henry, Henry would score at a similar rate along with abundance of assists.,

I think Aubameyang is as good as RVP as a CF, but he isn’t as good an all round player as Van Persie, Van Persie was sublime it’s s shame we got robbed so much with injury.

What Aubameyang is though is a world class striker, he’d be in the top 6 or 7 CF in world football as things stand and we’re very fortunate that he’s playing for us.


Agree with the others here. He is no Henry, or even RVP. But the guy will get us goals and plenty of them. For me, he is a pure striker, who is happiest when he gets on to the end of things, rather than having to take on defenders, beating them with skill or making cute passes. Of course, he will have to learn to do that in this team, given how Emery prefers to use him but it’s good to know his goals scoring is not affected.


Whether he is a glorified Walcott or a glorified Heskey, as long as he continues to score goals for fun, he is an excellent player for us.


Auba and Walcott in the same breath. Fuck sakes :grin:


Such a strange striker. He is a bit like Cavani who needs 4 chances before scoring :smile:


He did score 10 goals with 10 shots to be fair


Should have had more, tbh. He has missed some good chances like against Brighton and Fulham.


20 goals off 10 shots then? Seriously I remember how many shots didn’t work out for RVP and Henry before they scored. The problem is we’re less creative now and Auba isn’t getting enough chances


Which striker doesn’t miss chances?


No one, but some of them were easy.


I’m fairly certain that an assumption that all strikers miss easy chances will prove right if tested against evidence.


To be fair Aubameyang did miss some really easy chances this season, which a striker of his calibre should dispatch.
It’s his own standards working against him.


By the same token, he shouldn’t have scored some of the non-chances he turned into goals, so I guess it evens out.


Well going by his standards, he should do that as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Easy goals for Lacazette tbh.


People still ignoring the main issue with this guy.
His hair is gonna go ‘Chamakh’ soon.


No worries, @SRCJJ will still fancy him


Unfortunately PEA doesn’t have the same courtesy extended to him.


That one against Liverpool was difficult, tbh.


I just appreciate that this guy plays for us. Love him and Laca.