Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I don’t know why I only remember 2 Pierre… even though there are many Pierre out there.

One is Pierre Littbarski

The other one, is Pierre Woodman… :stuck_out_tongue:


And Jean-Pierre Papin!


Pierre Cardin and Trudeau are all I can think of.


Pierre Van Hooijdonk


Pierre Littbarski
Pierre Webó


Oh that’s class.






I am genuinely dead


Seriously, wtf were we doing in the summer?


Everyone isn’t available in the Summer.

Wish we had Wilshere for the Swansea game, could’ve been a different story.


Read the post I responded to.


Knowing Wenger, he is gonna wait until the last 20 minutes to play him against Everton :hipster:


And… out of position. :smiley:



It’s not a coincidence that we now have, essentially, a director of football, and our philosophy regarding transfers/contracts has shifted considerably.


Wilshere played against Bournemouth. Come on mate we are pure shite and boring on the road whoever plays.


Still can’t believe we signed this guy. He’s one of those players I watch most weeks who i’ve always liked but could never imagine in an Arsenal shirt. It was the same with Özil, though weirdly not so much with Sanchez. And definitely not with Lacazette – probably because we were linked with him for so long I considered him an Arsenal player long before he joined us!

I couldn’t even imagine Auba in the Premier League, let alone joining us when we don’t even have CL football. So surreal. But a good surreal :smiley:


But then my point isn’t valid?


Did I miss something? Who’s the DoF we hired? Sven is basically head of scouting and has essentially replaced Steve Rowley.


To think Real wanted him some summers ago :smile: