Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


you must be fun at parties :wink:

imagine you and aussie together. dont think the world is ready for that partnership haha


If only we signed Aubameyang in the summer of 2015 @Cristo, chances are our CF wouldn’t have gone on a 15 game scoreless run in the back half of the season.


Imagine signing Özil Alexis and Aubameyang in three consecutive summers. Would have been incredible business haha


^^^^^ Laca


First season getting taken off 70th min every game


Since Joining Lacazette is a goal per 166.8 mins in the EPL & Aubameyang is a goal per 112.8 mins in the EPL.

Now we don’t have to bother discussing substitions etc.


Its great we have them both. They are best mates on and off the pitch. Just enjoy them both who cares about goal per minutes ffs it’s not a competition


Giroud for arguments sake a goal per 154.5 mins whilst he was at Arsenal.

One thing I will say is we’re better with both Aubameyang & Lacazette on the pitch at the same time.


Have a feeling that @Aussiegooner and @Cristo is a blast at parties. We all know that aussie likes a beer or two and cristo is a playboy aka the perfect wingman.


Nail on the head I reckon @LordBendtner


Name and shame them Aussie.


Hahaha it’s just a portion on this Melbourne’s Arsenal suppprters Facebook group pal, Aussies ey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::thinking:.


Auba has been worth every penny. So glad we finally have a striker worthy of this club since RvP left.


Still baffled about the amount of relatively simple chances he misses. For someone who has scored some outrageous goals this season, that just is very out of character. But yes, just glad this guy is in our team cause without his goals, we would definitely not be in the top 6 right now.


This is something that BVB supporters told me too, so it’s nothing new. But they couldn’t complain as Auba would always come up with a goal or two. Now imagine his goal tally if he puts away those simple chances too…


Do people genuinely think he is as good as Henry or RVP? To me he is a more established version of Walcott as ST, with even better physical attributes.

Btw, gotta give it to him. As most Arsenal signings, his hold up game, combinations, control, etc. has definitely improved here. Miles better than when he started the season.


I don’t think he’s as good as Henry or RVP but he’s better than any striker we’ve had since those two that’s for sure. He’s also the only striker we’ve had since those two that can be held in the “elite” striker category so we’ve basically managed to bag ourselves one of the better strikers in the world. That’s a bit of a touch when you factor in the dearth of top quality strikers in the world right now too and the fact that clubs like United, Juventus, Atletico, Real Madrid and Chelsea have all been in the market for strikers over the last couple of seasons too.


I think he’ll score even more if we could somehow link the gaping hole between defense and attack. It’s actually why I think a player such as Banega and a winger is just as important as a CB. Once we start getting the best out of our strikers we’ll be a much better team.


Come on. This guy is 50x Walcott.
Not as good as Henry, but better than anyone we had as a ST post Henry (I don’t think RVP is a striker).


He is most certainly a more established version of Walcott, and surely all the proof you need that persisting with such a pauper as Walcott for so many years was a complete waste of time.