Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


It’s a bit of a rigid thought process that starting on the flank means scoring goals is automatically going to be harder. There’s all kinds of front three systems where scoring goals as a wide forward has actually looked easier. The modern game is dynamic enough for CF’s and LW’s to interchange positions.

Auba’s as service reliant as they come and is a master at getting into the space that the defender can’t cover. His back stick poaching is one of the best in the world and that accounts for most of his goals. He is equally prolific starting from any of the front three positions because he’s effectively still going to be at the end of chances in central positions.

This theory that playing the two up top together is going to optimise their threat more than now is kind of based on 4-4-2 era idealism more than practical end results.


This has been told to me before. But except for maybe four/five players (Robben, Neymar, C. Ronaldo, Suarez, Salah) in European football most wingers don’t touch 20 League goals in a season. Or that has to be an on average number since Robben was never healthy enough to play enough minutes. It’s still a very difficult feat to accomplish.

Lacazette and Aubameyang are actually quite complementary to each other. Even though Lacazette has a smaller frame he’s quite target man-ish and Aubameyang is not at all.




The correct spelling! Thank you


Benny McCarthy. Good times.


Under-rated touch for the 2 yard assist.


Frustrated with his misses vs Man Utd and today.


Topscorer, but he could be far away from the rest had he put those easy chances back in the next against United and Hudders.


I expect the best from him given his world class tag and that was a yet another horrible effort.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang first 10 goals in Premier league 2018/2019

02-09-2018 Cardiff 1Goal
23-09-2018 Everton 1Goal
07-10-2018 Fulham 2Goal
22-10-2018 Leicester 2Goal
28-10-2018 Crystal Palace 1Goal
25-11-2018 Bournemouth 1Goal
02-12-2018 Tottenham 2Goal




His finishing has fallen apart in the last few games, the drought shouldn’t last to long though as he always seems to be in the right positions for chances.


I won’t worry a bit… even he is not scoring… his speed and movement really help creating chaos for the defenders, and open up space for Laca.
His assist on Torreira’s goal was pretty neat also.


Still better than giroud…


By the way we play, yes, Auba is better





I love how his resume was full of simple and at times unenthusiastic goals, and then he comes here botching the simple ones and scoring the hard and impressive ones.


As I said despite 3 or 4 games without a goal you knew it wouldn’t last long, he’s a top class striker and will score 30 in all comps as I expected.


He is an excellent striker. Could have been easily 3/4 goals more. Some sitters missed.


Gonna be some battle for the golden boot. I’d back Auba tbh