Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Yeah, he’s obviously a good goalscorer but at times at BVB he had me scratching my head at some of the piss easy chances he’d squander.

AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)

Mr. Nonchalant.


Key is he was in the right position. I can live with a missed chance like that from Auba because his goal return is great and he got in the right place.



Used to infuriate me the amount of times the likes of Giroud would lurk around the 18 yard line in those situations.


I was loling at the match thread. Auba made the runs and got into position for those chances. Sure he missed a couple, but with anyone else up top those chances don’t happen.

On the goal he scored, he made a perfectly arcing run and got into such a perfect pocket of space that the pass was so simple for Kola to make. That’s what a top striker does.


I had to bite my tongue reading the halftime thread, thought I’d just wait until the likely Aubameyang goal came in the second half.


That was top notch


Well, the goal won’t affect my criticism of him today. His awareness today was completely off at times. He even made an iconic moment when he started sprinting like mad man with the ball behind him. Thought I was watching FIFA fails.
Good for him to score but he needs to me more concentrated imo. He could be lethal if he does.


Regardless of his performance. Joint top scorer as it stands. Not bad at all.



I’m of the opinion that this team is not set up for him to perform at his optimal level, he’s a pure goal scorer and you won’t get a great deal out him other than that. However, our team is a shambles in terms of creativity and additionally he’s being played out of position.

He’s got a stellar goal return considering the circumstances tbh.


Yep, but he could do better. He looks to have lost pace.


We all lose pace when exposed to eating English cuisine…


Guy needs to deliver in this 2nd half.


Not bad.


This fucking guy. What a finish. Now he needs to get the hattrick


Big finish in a big game, massive!


He needed this goal in a big game.

He hasn’t been firing in them until now hopefully.


Remember when some suggested earlier in the season that he should be benched? :laughing: Isn’t he top scorer in the League now?





Nothing wrong with suggesting a striker who was clearly blowing cold should benched/ moved from the CF spot for someone who was in better form. That’s what we did it worked as Laca went on a good spell in the CF spot.

A rotation based on form/competition was always my ideal where did I ever suggest he should be bench for the entire season. Unlike some posters I don’t treat things as definitive