Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I agree but I think the choice in Emery’s mind is Auba versus Iwobi, not Auba versus Mkhi.

Emery just hasn’t wanted to play a front three of Auba/Laca/Iwobi, partly out of doubts regarding Iwobi on the right but also likely partly because - much like Wenger - he prefers his right winger to be more of a wing midfielder that helps in the buildup and plays in less advanced positions, therefore providing more defensive protection to Bellerin and allowing Bellerin to surge forward into a wing position when in possession.

Its a dilemma because Iwobi is having a great run of form and looks like a potential breakout player. But I think its really a pick two out of Laca/Auba/Iwobi situation when drawing up the starting eleven. Obviously things can change during the match: If we are behind Emery is going to become more adventurous.


My boy Auba leading goals per minutes in the premier league :fire::rocket:




I wish I was so sure


He’s my fpl captain :sunglasses: hattrick tonight plz Auba


Auba as ur capt? Setting urself up to get played. Nothing worse than having a shit FPL day and Arsenal losing. I have Mane as my capt naturally :grin:


I was tempted about Manè but I just can’t captain someone against us haha. Just feels wrong :joy::joy:


I did it so either way I’ll be a bit happy about the result. If lolpool spank us, good FPL week. If we can beat them I’ll care less about FPL. Worst thing that could happen is we lose and Mane doesn’t do shit :joy::joy:


Thoughts on his performance last night?


Thought he was shit lol nothing worked for him


Looks like he’s playing with an injury tbh.


Cant judge an elite striker playing LW/LM. He is asked to do way to much tracking back for a player his quality in da final 1/3.

Unlucky for him Lacasweat has been firing on all cylinders this season, so the ST position is cemented for him atm.


Did ok. Just needed to stay onside lol!


Interesting as he hasn’t been voted MOTM on OA once. :open_mouth:

Man of the Match Thread

That’s because we’re an intelligent bunch who can see beyond putting the ball in the back of the net… unlike a large section of the the Twitter brigade :sunglasses:


Lol Mesut with the banter :joy::joy::joy:


Your standards of banter are pretty low :wink:


Can somebody eslplayn the joke to me?

Because all I see is Mesut repeating what Auba said.


Is he not laughing at him in a jokey friend way hence the :joy::joy: no? Haha