Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Well I was at the game yesterday and I can tell you that Auba spent plenty of time in his favoured position standing around doing fuck all.

There are clear reasons why both players didn’t perform optimally over the last two seasons but you only want to cut one of them any slack. Go figure.



Goal and an assist…

Just looks dangerous every time he makes a run to create space.

He and Laca are forming a lethal attacking duo


Need him in big form from now. Him and Laca are gonna take the Premier League by the storm :kos2:


Make that a brace!

:fire: :fire: :fire:


Picking up his form at the right time because we’ve got a decent fixture list after the break.

His class was never in doubt.


Have had him as FF captain since week one. First game it’s paid out and he didn’t even start :slight_smile:


Guys class, his poor form was always going to be short lived.


Arsenal top-scorers this season (all comps):
6 Aubameyang
5 Lacazette
4 Welbeck
3 Özil
2 own goal (Diop & Cathcart)
1 Xhaka
1 Mustafi
1 Mkhitaryan
1 Iwobi
1 Monreal
1 Sokratis
1 Smith Rowe
1 Guendouzi
1 Ramsey


Remember when people were questioning his lack of goals this campaign ? 8 in all comps now :fire:


Got that fresh cut going on. Goals were inevitable.


16 goals in 22 matches for us, now THATS a return worthy of a top striker tbh.


Yeah that’s about 27 league goal pace if you were available for the full 38 matches.


How many clubs can use him as super sub? That’s the best thing this season.


for how many games will he be okay being a super sub?


Emery needs to stop messing around and play both him and Laca together. We’re just so much more lethal with both on the field.

They have too good a connection for one to be on the bench. Auba being benched in favour of Mhki is just criminal.


It feels good to be able to bring 50mil off the bench. City who?


It should really be dependent on the situation of the match really. To just say ‘play them together no matter’ is unreasonable and its proven not to be consistently successful when they start together.

Situations like yesterday is how they should be used imo. It’s gives us a significant advantage bring fresh legs and that quality off the bench


They have played together a lot recently, tbh. Emery is just rotating them atm. It’s normal.


You can say that but on another day we could have been 3-0 down by the time we equalised.

Considering we concede a great deal of chances and ride our luck in games I don’t think we can afford to leave Auba on the bench, we will get punished eventually.

Rotation and the like is fine but for me they should generally be lining up together particularly as our wide options are dire overall.