Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)




At least he is being honest.


Imagine how utterly triggered we’d all be if one of our players posted that after leaving :joy:



so we got this guy… well good.


Aubameyang: “I want to get Arsenal back to the top”.




He is 6 ft 1 1⁄2 tall. Not bad! Should be good with his head as well.


Extended version?

This is more like it!





No wonder it took them two days to announce.


Arsenal twitter never ceases to amaze me :joy::joy:



Ok, maybe I’m a little bit excited. Semi-chubby.


Brilliant stuff :joy:, shouldn’t cut a Tupac song like they did at the end though.


:arteta: :poldi: :giroud3: :wenger: :cech::coq::coq::mustafi::kosc::ozil::santi2::theo::ramsey::arteta:

Fucking hell that is amazing. Today has been something else looooooool


Wow I had no idea. Now very glad they didn’t use that song in the Aubameyang video after Lingard’s tweet.



Your gonna have to explain this one burg


“Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here” is from the song Magnolia by Playboi Carti.

The next lyric is “In New York I Milly Rock”



Not to mention the song is full of bad lyrics that our media team would never promote lol

They could have just sampled the ‘yo pierre’ bit though, that would have been cool. Edit: Actually Mhiki saying it is much better.



The songs all about selling drugs lol.

The yo Pierre bit tbf is for the producer Pierre Bourne (like ‘if young metro don’t trust you imma shoot you’ for metro boomin)