Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)




I don’t see how they don’t together against Chelsea, with Özil and Mhki on the wing we have no explosiveness.

City and Liverpool are so dangerous because of their wide play, whereas we’re severely lacking in that department.

Boggles the mind.


The lack of a winger triggers me so much.

Iwobi and Nelson need to step up and make those places theirs. For the good of my sanity.


Yeah it was the one big miss this window… of course we had a LOT of issues to address and still do. I think there is some validity to giving some players a chance to flourish under Emery… it is a gamble, but I suspect in Jan and next summer we see a steady stream of exits and turnover as things shake out.


I don’t think it was a miss rather than it was meant by Emery to line up like we did last Sunday. With Ozil and Mhkitaryan as wingers. It has to been seen how the experiment pans out.


We really saw how much proper wingers makes a difference against city. Two full blooded wingers in sterling and Mahrez gave us plenty of problem all game long.

We need players in the wing who can take defenders on and beat a man. Ozil, miki, Auba dont do that and therefore we lack penetration in the attacking third.

Iwobi aint Mahrez but atleast he can beat a man, or atleast tries to beat his man :joy:


Our new Bergkamp and Henry :heart:


Find a way to play them together, Unai. It will be so exciting.

Drop Mkyhtarian for now.


3-4-1-2 should be the way, imo. Oz just behind them :heart:


Yeah maybe, but that isn’t a great plan IMHO lol and still leaves us light at wing attack - who is next? Ramsey? Iwobi? Kind of uninspiring and nobody with the kind of guile, quickness, etc we should be looking for wide. One of Micki and Ozil I kind of get, 2? Nah, we need more speed and threatening behind.

Should have gone for Bailey or like imho.


You don’t need to

Torriera Ramsey
Auba Laca Mkhitaryan


You don’t have too tell me. Unai Emery is an uninspiring manager to begin with btw.


They are both among our best 11 players and playing both of them is going to provide more positives than negatives. If we cn replace Laca with a winger along the line then that’s fine and we should do that but while they’re both here and fit they should both be playing.


Someone needs to find his goalscoring boots soon. Awful so far.

Didn’t know Sanogo was still there :mustafi:


Please, sit on the bench against West Ham. You have costed us the game.


Fucking awful. Cunt misses two sitters then scored when he’s offside


Laca deserves his time as starter, despite his awful mistake today. Auba is clearly not in form.


Nah gotta keep playing Auba obviously! He’ll bag them soon enough


If you are ruthless you don’t play the players who aren’t performing.


He’s getting into the positions. The goals will come.