Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


20-25 goals from 2 players > 30-35 goals from one player


The Premier League top scorer for sure.


Sell Lacazette and sign a proper dribbling/goal scoring LW and it would have been a lot better use of our financial resources.


I am up for it but where will we find next Sanchez?


Why do you dislike Laca so much :joy: if something happened to Auba we would be fucked haha.


I just think it’s poor management to have 50 million quid spent on a backup CF and zero quality LW in the squad, ideally I’d have them all but if it’s a finance thing as to why we can’t give us a 50 million quid LW over Laca any day.


Which quality LW for 50m do you have in mind?


I’d have to have a think but surely the scouts that we have to watch potential targets would have someone in mind to help balance our squad better. Probably someone like Coman or Lozano could be gettable for that price, Ideally Martial but he’d likely cost more United would never sell to us.


You could get Fekir for that money. It is a poverty discussion though. Really we should keep Lacazette and buy a winger. Flog Welbz, Perez and Iwobi to balance the books.




Yep that I agree with even more, I said it months ago in the Welbz thread I think.


All this talk of being poor and having to sell before we can afford a LW is nonsense.
We bid around 100m for Mbappe and Lemar last season, so we must be loaded.
It must be true because Wenger and Gazidis both said it.


FFS Auba!


I have no idea what anything in that screenshot means lol


Haha yeah agreed


I’m sure we will see enough rotation.

Aubemeyang had a lot of minutes on the wing too last season and it didn’t really stop him from scoring, did it?


Nah it didn’t, rather small sample size though. It’s going to take a lot more than that to convince me we should be playing a top 10 CF out of position.


I’m sure he will be fine. Lacazette is not a centre forward who is stuck in the middle either. Aubameyang will get his goalscoring opportunities. I don’t think our season will be made or broken if Aubameyang is played in the middle or not.


So? Explain it. It’s just a shit meme no one understands.


Is this the dank memes thread now?