Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)



Lol Arsene has done a Ferguson to RvP here


Lets just hope big Ivan doesn’t do a a Ferguson to Moysie :grimacing:


LOL I have never said he’s shit just not as good as some people think, as the 2nd best striker at the club I have no problem with him, though you could say the money we spent on a 2nd best striker is too much with so many gaping holes elsewhere.



Jesus Christ, his hairline is almost as spectacular as his scoring record



And of course it triggered the dumb as shit kopites.


Ronaldo disparait :joy:


this guy is a wonderfull human being as Brendan Rodgers would put it. Cant wait to see him banging goals left, right and center next season.


Provided he stays fit, will surely be a candidate for the golden boot.

Absolute killer in the penalty box. Still a little amazed that we actually signed him.


He’s already won the golden boot in my mind. 40 goals in all competitions next season.



For sure. Premier League top scorer at least.


R9 Boots?



England like Andalusia? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


I still can’t believe he plays for us! Boggles the mind. I wonder what our season would have been like if we had bought him and not Lacazette during the summer.


Can’t wait to see him become the Premier League top scorer next season :kos2:


That grey training shirt is absolutely wonderful.


R9 boots for sure mean a madness is on the horizon.


AFC Stuff are back yes!

Twitter suspended them for ages for some nonense ‘copyright violation’ :roll_eyes:


:laca: + :auba: = madness :kos2:


Please Emery Don’t shoehorn one of the top 10 strikers in the world out wide… 30-35 goals all comps if you play him CF.