Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


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Hope he can reach double figure. It would be incredible in just 3 months.


He’s just a goal behind Hazard and Morata’s whole league tally this season :sunglasses:


Missed the goal. Got a link @Luca_from_Italy :slightly_smiling_face:





Will surely get 20+ league goals next season if he stays fit.

He has that air of arrogance about him, struts around the place knowing how dangerous he is and that defenders are worried about him.

Like the way he seems to conserve his energy too, like a lion waiting for the right moment to pounce.


Yep - probably the first proper striker we have had since RVP.


In one fell swoop we now have a striker that is better than those at Chelsea, United and Liverpool, and it was a good price too.

Big boy signing.


I couldn’t possibly comment


You forgot spuds


So a goal every 106 minutes in the EPL since he arrived, small sample size but that was around the same as Harry Kane this season.


It’s a damn shame we’ve been without a striker of his caliber for so long.

Hopefully next season the attack is built around him to get the best out of him, think we’ve just seen the tip of the ice berg.


Double figures for two different clubs in the same season. What a guy.

As bad/hilarious as this season has been, he’s been a shining light – i’m so excited to see him in a full season for us. The new manager is very lucky to have some strong attacking talent to work with.


What’s even better about Aubameyang is that he’s playing in the most disjointed Arsenal team in all my years as a fan and he’s still scoring goals for fun


Yeah I remember people saying the fact we are disjointed Auba will suffer the same goal scoring problems as Laca did.
In regards to our squad though, the only things I’m entirely happy with are our striking options and our attacking midfield options. We have one top quality striker and one decent to good striker. We also have Ozil and the Armenian as no 10/ attacking mid options.


If we somehow got a midfield he would win the ballon dor and the nobels peace price.


Did Aussiegooner just compliment Big L :giroud3:


I think Laca is more than decent