Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


It’s raining green, what a dream job.


If true it’s good value for a world class striker IMO.

Especially in this market.


If he continues scoring at the same rate, we can sign over the rights to the Emirates to him for all I care


Worth every penny so far.


It’s only about 80k a week more than Walcott was getting, so he’s definitely worth it.


I think it’s a “this isnt wages” accounting thing.


It’s still taxable income


Ok. And?


It kind of says allot about this club that United pay a bonus on winning the PL and we pay the bonus for finishing 4th


If I played for Arsenal I’d rather have a bonus for finishing in the top four that I might win instead of a bonus for winning the league that I’m very unlikely to ever see.


Maybe but perhaps it sheds a little light on the motivations behind players folding like a deck of chairs in a title race but playing like their in a title race when top 4 is under thread. Was it 2013 we got 90 points from 38 games? And didn’t we manage 45 points twice in the second half of seasons when top 4 was almost impossible? Imagine if our players didn’t have a top 4 bonus and only had a PL title bonus, maybe they’d try a little harder when they have to do a bit more for their bonus.


Well the player would never get paid if the bonus was for winning the title with us. Top 4 is much more a sensible clause. Especially when we can’t compete with the money clubs.


He definitely has a win the PL bonus. They just haven’t reported it on account of how laughable the notion is.


Another Auba special - guy is master of that late run deep into the box to deflect the ball into goal… love the guy.


Such a poacher


13 games

10 goals, 4 assists



So he’s now overtaken Morata for Prem goals?


Hahaha I knew this guy was a great striker and worth every cent we paid.


I think we should have signed him earlier :sunglasses:


I remember a couple of Arsenal mates trying to tell me Lacazette was better than him in the summer, I knew Auba was the superior striker.