Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I’ll still disagree because Giroud is a proper target man, and Laca is…well a shittier version of Auba. So having two of them is a bit redundant. Would rather have your traditional striker, and then plan b (Giroud the very same guy who’s scored more headed goals than anyone in Europe) to change things up in the last 20 minutes or so. In fact we’d probably have a a bit more flexibility tactically with Giroud and Auba up top together. I also don’t really buy into the age issue either. Giroud has never been a track star, don’t think age matters as much for a guy like Giroud or Ibra who rely more other things to be an effective striker than just pace.


For one I think Lacazette is going to prove to be significantly better than Giroud. He has 8 goals in his last 9 games. Despite being low in confidence and playing in a team that’s given up the fight he may match Giroud’s best ever PL goals return in his first season. He’s 17 goals and 4 assists off 2400 minutes. In Giroud’s first season he only scored 11 PL goals and 2 CL goals for us, so Lacazette has started much better than Giroud did for us

Lacazette isn’t really that similar to Aubameyang. He has a better shot, better long shots, better link up play and better close control in tight spaces. He is different, if not a target man.

I disagree that Giroud would link up better with Aubameyang because Lacazette has proven he does actually link up better with Aubameyang. Their partnership is probably why Lacazette now has 8 goals in 9. Having 2 players with pace can stretch defenses more than 1 pacey player and a plodder.

It seems people forget now that Giroud as starter even as a back up slows down play and means we can’t press from the front. With Lacazette as a back up or starter we can do all those things.

The other problem with Giroud is we never played to his strengths. You should be a crossing team to get the best out of him. We are not a crossing team.


I can’t remember the last time we had two decent strikers.

Aubameyang is better than anyone we’ve had since RVP and Lacazette, as a second striker, is younger and better than Giroud.

It wasn’t that long ago that our striker options were Giroud and Sanogo, so, although we’ve had to wait far too long, Aubameyang and Lacazette should be more than enough for a new manager.

Let’s get the same quality CB’s as well.


Poor comparison throughout. Ignores a ton of variables

In any case it’s not fair to examine Laca’s numbers in comparsion to Giroud’s after Auba came in.

It’s clear Auba, and less so Miki has provided a massive boost to Lacazette mentally and in terms of allowing increased scoring opportunities


Giroud had bucket loads of chances though, averaging about 1/3 more chances than Lacazette and only averaging a goal for every 10 shots. Lacazette doesn’t average many shots per game, if you could up it to 4 shots a game he’d be a 30 goal a season striker easily


That’s today’s quota met :clap:


Ah, the myth of Giroud’s link-up play returns in full force. Joy.


How can some complain about having to deadly strikers to choose from. Laca and Auba are two completely different players too which gives a new dimension to our attack. As said Laca has been carrying some knee problems for months, and is know starting to show what beast he is. Cant wait for next season to see how the new manager solves this situation which i only think is positive.


When you try 20 flicks and backheels per game one of them will succed.


Allegri usually plays with Mandzukic, Higuain and Dybala together so we would probably see Mkhi, Auba and Laca on the field at the same time if we got him.


Exactly, and when you look the part people will insist you are right for the part despite all evidence to the contrary.


Better late than never :wink:


You’re correct, it’s called the Ramsey ratio


Except when you dig into the stats with Ramsey you find that he compares nicely with some of the top CMs in Europe. And when you dig into the stats on Giroud’s link up play you find that he compares nicely with a donkey or Ricky Lambert or a donkey.


I also suspect the legendary Wilshere goal against Norwich plays a huge part in this, coupled with the fact that Giroud is a big lad which make his flicks look better when he eventually pull it off.


Ramsey statistical data is incredibly flawed.

He shows up well because he’s a player that thrives in the dysfunctionality and lack tactical plan which are trademarks of Wenger management.

Before this season the consensus between supporters was that he regularly placed his own interest ahead of things like midfield security and in game management for his own self gain.

Can remember countless times people complaining about needless flicks, trick passes and wildly speculative shot during matches.

Credit to him though he’s improved this season


Pls no more Giroud and Ramsey im tired speaking of average footballers.




Wish I had taken my football career more seriously


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