Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Nah not criticizing Laca he’s just not very good, I’m criticizing the prior regime’s squad buidling. No fucking way on earth Sven would ever flush 50m down the toilet on Laca.


Xhaka is trash, a young CB would have been a replacement for Kosh, as we know he was aging and had his achilles issues. More importantly though we’ve never replaced Santi and the middle of the park is possiblg our greatest link. If you are gonna spend make sure you get value for money. Riding out Giroud for another 6 months to a year would have been better than what we did.


Oh come on.

Whether or not you think £50m was too much (other strikers went for more remember – Morata for example), saying he isn’t very good is just silly. He’s not as good as Auba, no, but he is good. Have you not been watching much of him?


Yeah he’s Giroud level, decent enough for a EL team (borderline CL side) struggling to finish 4 - 6 in the league.

Btw no 50m is not too much. I just think it was spent in the wrong place. If you have broken plumbing in your house and you have x amount of money you don’t go out and buy new furnishings you fix the fucking plumbing.


Wenger bought Holding…Elneny as (first) subsitute for Ramsey. Wenger did what you’re saying before Lacazette was signed. How he did it is rather not to your liking. Or mine.


That’s completely different. Holding was very much a youth player not someone to slot into the starting xi. Elneny was also depth. Laca was bought to be the starting striker from day one, we should have spent the 50m on a starting xi CM.


You’re not a big Ramsey fan? I’m not either tbh.


Well he won me over a bit this season because he recaptured his form, but the consensus at the start of the season was that Ramsey wasn’t the answer plus he wasn’t reliable because of his constant soft tissue injuries. I can’t knock his quality runs, involvement in our offense or goal scoring ability, but I hate him playing alongside Xhaka so deep. Imo it’s one of the main reasons we are so open in the midfield all the time.


Again, Laca played through injury for some months :xhaka:


Auba is a rarity, a commodity, he is the first world class striker we’ve had since RVP. He’s also the first striker since then that deserves to be the leading man for a club like Arsenal.

Laca and Auba aren’t really comparable for me, on one hand we’ve - perhaps over - payed a lot of money for a youngish striker that could perhaps grow into a great player for us. Auba not only is a great player but is perhaps in the top 5 natural strikers in the world right now. To not build a team around him and use these next 3 years to win exciting honors would be criminal. He can get us those big trophies and we can get him that move to Real Madrid to play with Salah.


I think we’re good there, they had many opportunities to get him and they passed.

Kane on the other hand…


Wait until Auba carries us from Europa glory to Cl glory back to motherfucking back.

Ah I love that I can be naively optimistic about Arsenal again.


I wish we didn’t sign Lacazette in the summer, his signing is truly the best example of the poor squad management which became steadily worse towards Wenger’s end.

Should have kept out stuck with Giroud and Alexis. Sold Alexis in Jan and then brought in Auba. We would have been better off right now as a result with £50m extra to fill more pressing needs.

I just we hope we see sensible squad management in the future. We can’t blame Wenger any more. Senior management needs to step up


Yes thanks, I was struggling to remember what our attack options were like at the start of the season and I completely forgot about Alexis. Just recalled that we had Theo as well at that point. So we had a guy (Alexis) that was in contention for the Golden Boot the previous year, a very capable number two, Welbeck, and Theo in case of emergency. Maybe in true Arsenal fashion we were just being reactionary thinking we were going to lose Alexis in the summer and we had to make a move. Would make a lot of sense considering we were fleeced out of that 50m for this bum.


Hope it starts with letting one of Wilshere or Ramsey go.

I’d rather it be Wilshere but looks like Ramsey is off. A shame but let’s turn things over.


Laca is a decent striker, where as Auba is one of the top 10 strikers in the world, lets just leave it at that. If we had Auba in the Europa League SF I think we actually would have progressed also.


Yet Laca has better goals per minute than Lukaku and Morata who cost much more.

Even if he’s ‘only as good as Giroud’, he’s 5 years younger, so if we discount Giroud’s transfer fee from Lacas that’s 6 million per season, ie good business


Hey, 30 new posts made me expect some big news here @JakeyBoy


There was big news. Today we found out that we should have bought Aubameyang earlier


Unemployed Wenger disagrees.