Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


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Talking about indian food? Show this world class striker some respect ffs :auba:


Respect :sunglasses:



With each passing day I feel more and more like he was a snip at the price we paid. I guess age is something of a factor there but still.

Forgotten what it was like to have a world class striker during the past 6 years


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It would have been interesting to see him in the same team as Sanchez but Mkhitayran might suit him better as they have played together before.

I bet Wenger is regretting not buying him, or a similar quality striker, a few seasons ago.

Aubameyang playing in the same attacking forward line as Lacazette, Ozil and Mkhitayran could be one of the best in the PL, especially if we get a top quality winger as well.


30 goals next season?


Do you have some sort of daily quota to fill? We get it, and agree, it would have been nice to sign him sooner :smile:


Hah yeah @InvincibleDB10 I swear you write that exact same post every day lol :smile:


Just a reminder as to why I’m so hard on Laca. Auba is a legit world class striker, Laca should be doing similar to what Auba does considering the amount of money we paid for him. However it’s become quite clear one is world class and the other was basically a straight swap for Giroud. Which was really shitty business because we wasted 50m.


While you can argue the fee was maybe high – or Auba’s fee was too low – I don’t think we’ve wasted the money. Lacazette hasn’t actually had a bad season. We have two decent forwards who have already shown they can work together. After what we’ve had in recent years, we should be grateful for that, not spitting at one because the other is a bit better.


He pretty much has been recently


50 million was too high for Lacazette. But that happens when you shop at Lyon, Porto or Benfica. You overpay.


50, 40 or 100 million. Who cares its not my money. Laca and Auba will be lethal next season COYG


My position is that Giroud was giving us similar output to Laca. Why spend 50m on another Giroud when we had huge gaping holes in defense and midfield?


We sold Giroud for Auba not Lacazette.


When we bought Laca Giroud was already on the team. We didn’t need Laca we NEEDED a CB a DM and a CM.


OK, so how is that Lacazette’s fault?

In the post I replied to, you were complaining that Lacazette didn’t do enough. Are you just criticising his talent because you don’t think we needed him?


We just invested in Mustafi and Xhaka a season earlier. Wenger is a Ramsey fan. I know the majorty of the people here don’t like Mustafi and Xhaka, obviously. We needed another striker (Giroud alone was not enough), Giroud was past 30. There are enough good reasons for us too have added a striker when we bought him.