Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

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The hell did you do Jacob?!

Try this next time

Aubameyang should play through the middle


Close all tabs?!

Are you fucking kidding me?!?

I’ve got a tab open with a 2 hour podcast with Marc Maron and Brad Pitt from 8 months ago that I haven’t heard yet, and another tab with an article about Modern Monetary Theory from 3 months ago I haven’t read either. I can’t fucking close those tabs.


I used to do the same on my phone… keeping some tabs with some random articles I wanted to read but didn’t have the time atm just to casually close them after a few months when I realise I don’t care about that stuff anymore. :wenger2:


As seen by Auba’s reaction, he is not very happy with the Confederation of African football, after Gabon lost to Gambia earlier today in their AFCON qualifier match.

It’s justified tbf as Auba and his teammates were held at the Gambia Airport for around 6 hours last night after landing at around 11.30pm, then they had a 4pm kick off today.

It was a shocker from those who arranged the logistics and it’s on social media, but more details are here:

What was the point of giving him a 300k a week 3 year deal at his age when we play like this ?

0 goals in 8 league games from open play, absolutely absurd stuff.

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Some of us said playing through the middle wasn’t going to be the one size fits all answer.

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This might be the case but I hope we at least give it time. Just because it didn’t work today with 10 men against a fit Leeds side doesn’t mean we should lump Laca straight back in.

We will though because we lack imagination.

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Oh yeah. Not against that. Just we close our eyes to the least creative or productive midfield in the League.
Which other team allows it’s midfield never to score.
We actually must be promoting this because it’s not fucking natural.


No offence but that sounds like we’re making excuses

How do you mean? Laca has had a tonne of faith put into him in recent months and there hasn’t been much to show for it.

Admittedly, not sure any of our other guys are doing much to stand out as a superior alternative.

He’s a bit meek in the personality stakes Auba. When he’s not involved he’s invisible though.
Doesn’t excuse his crap service but a bit of frustration wouldn’t go a miss as captain at least.

I think this is a little harsh the dude stepped up at OT and gave us our first win there in like forever not 2 weeks ago.

I’m right with you about our midfield though it’s an absolute disgrace, no creativity, no fight, hell we can’t even make simple 5 yard passes. Everytime we had the ball today Leeds got it back with minimal effort as we essentially just passed it back to to them.

But what can we do with the players at our disposal? Outside Partey and maybe Ceballios our midfield depth is garbage. We needed a creative outlet more than anything in summer but unfortunately the money seemed to run out.


He’s been shit this season. Probably had enough of the negative tactics. Service to him has been shocking.

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It’s like having a Bentley and then hiring Stevie Wonder to be your chauffeur.

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He is a terrible captain.

Tierney should have it.

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The only way to justify the extension was top 4 the first season, and then quickly look to build on that with a title challenge the season after.


Things can be two things though. He’s played pretty terribly of late and the team is disjointed in the service department.

I hate reading body language but he definitely doesn’t seem happy. Is he too meek to be captain? Eh. I’ve never been big on the idea of a captain needing to be a certain type of personality. It’s easy to look at KT and say that he should be captain because he shows passion (not to be confused with pashun) but I don’t think being captain of Arsenal really means anything anymore. Gallas was our captain. William Gallas. Once you do something idiotic like that, you may as well eliminate the role or just make some arbitrary rule that the player with most career appearances for the club becomes captain.

No I don’t agree you eliminate the role. He doesn’t have to be a shouter but he does need too be a leader.
Kompany was good in this role. Basically has too be someone who gets the manager message through.
Okay that could be vague now but we carry a lot of young players and they need someone to look towards at time.
If he’s going too be a regular starter now I’d go Bellerin. He’s mature and professional and seems a good communicator.


Not much will be different with Bellerin as captain, we can have the most charismatic captain but it means little when the issue is the piss poor coaching, nothing can negate that.

Auba could be the captain you want and he’d still be averaging a single shot per game.

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Problem is no one really is a leader in this squad.

I miss the old teams. :frowning: