Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Putting on a mask is a disgrace to the valiant service men and women who gave their lives to fight against tyranny. Two fucking world wars they fought and Aubameyang is defecating on their memories by wearing these superhero masks. What a disgraceful human being. Get him out my country, GEH IM AAAATTTT


It’s now written in the stars. Arsenal vs Real Madrid Europa League final with Aubameyang scoring in the 95th minute. Putting on a mask and celebrating in front of Kroos in Diego Simeone shove that up your arse style. FT Arsenal 1-4 Real Madrid.



If ever there was a “read until the end” message.

Love it


Consciously choose to have him not finishing these chances, but pinging the balls in to Fatazette.

Arteta is the dumbest of dumbcunts


Auba scoring from a cross rather than being the one who’s crossing it.



I’m glad for Aubameyang that they won, but it’s not good for us really. With Ghana and Ivory Coast also winning, in January 2022, provided they’re all still here, we’ll be without Partey, Pepe and Auba for a month!


We wouldn’t miss Pepe too much. Willian can run into defenders just as well as he does

Still a year away, though. I’m hoping by then we would have learnt how to use him properly


You always need ball boys in an empty stadium.

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Freudian slip? Not getting laid this morning, may aswell clear up Online Arsenal


I want to break free playing in the background.

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So I’ll just add that we should definitely play Aubameyang through the middle.

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