Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Another invisible performance. Whatever he and Arteta got working late last season isn’t working anymore.
Time to adjust.

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He’s not scored since the new contract.

The curse strikes again


Was just going to say, his goals have totally dried up since he’s signed his biggest ever contract.




He’s not been at his best but then again he’s not being set up to be.

Arteta is doing him a disservice.


Auba is always shite until he scares TBF. People forget him being annonymous all game because he grabs a goal or 2. When he doesn’t he’s never going to look amazing. He set up a few decent chances tbf to him. But if you can’t get him in behind, he’s not going to give you end product

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He’s been done extremely dirty this season. The counter attack threat is OVER. It was working before in the cup when City and Chelsea weren’t prepared. It isn’t there any more so to persist with this is just baffling. Total disservice not moving him into the middle since 2nd half vs Sheff Utd.


Arteta is brainless

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I know he’s done well for us on the left many times, but it’s truly time to stop that experiment and put him up top. It’s astonishing that we started this match with Willian roaming in the middle and Aubameyang standing almost on the touchline, how in the world does that make any sense? Any opposition side will be thinking happy days when they see a player as dangerous as him sitting out there.

What’s crazier is that we could easily put Saka on the left and move him inside. By far the best front three we can play is Saka-Auba-Pepe, so why the fuck don’t we do it? In a side where chances are created at a premium, not having your elite goalscorer in the middle is criminal.

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For reference this is one of those dumb stats that show nothing and are badly flawed.

Does it have anything to do with xG :wink:

@Electrifying Brother I’m not sure who you’re arguing with but there’s been a universal agreement that Aubameyang should be up front, everyone was disputing the xWhatever stat being used to suggest Aubameyang is ‘past his peak’ as the tweet you linked suggested.

Relax homie

Yeah fair but I only posted the tweet to show how we aren’t getting the most out of him more than anything.

I think Auba being past it is the wrong conclusion to take from that tweet for sure. And definitely agree with whoever doesn’t agree with that.

You’re right, 99% of people know where Auba should play.

It’s frustrating that the 1% that don’t were all arsenal managers.


Not to be THAT guy but I’m pretty sure Wenger played him up front the couple months he had him, he scored 10 in 13, if only he was available for the Europa League.

Emery did for a little bit as well, that’s how we got hoodwinked onto the Aubameyang-Lacazette pair, a terrible idea that we should not have entertained.


No, this is a stat about his actual goalscoring.

I want to see Aubameyang play through the middle too but I feel like some people will be expecting his goal contributions to skyrocket once he does, and may well end up disappointed. I think there’s a risk with some of starting to think that Auba moving to the centre is some sort of panacea.

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Guarantee the team will play much better attacking wise.

Because we have seen that with our eyes.

We are just convincing ourselves otherwise because the dumbass we have in charge speaks some posh words about tactics or whatnot.

This is the same stupid shit pep does in cl QFs but Arteta does it every game the idiot.

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I think we will too, hence wanting to see it, but I was making a different point.

My post was in reply to your post but it wasn’t really about your opinion on this, if that makes sense, it was just a general thought I’ve been having and that stat made me start thinking about it again.


Took sooner than I thought for the media to start turning on Auba. Soon the fans will join if he doesn’t put out the numbers he used to.


Typical chat when a top forward hasn’t scored a goal in a while. He’ll score soon.