Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I’ve been arguing for this:






We’re going to have a lot of fun next season. He’s definitely winning the golden boot :sunglasses:


Only Redcafe thinks he is shit :roll_eyes:


no offence luca but who gives a fuck


Don’t shoot the messenger.


How about Dishoom?


My mates were going to a restaurant called Dishoom so I googled it to check it out. I came across a trailer for a film of the same name.

It actually looked sick, I was surprised by the high production values. Indian cinema has come a long way since I last saw any of their films like 15 years ago.

Plus John Abraham is a beast, he looks like he’d fuck someone up for saying bobs and vagene haha


Dishoom is meant to be an amazing indian restaurant!

Anyway, Auba one step closer to double digits! The only thing I’ve got going with this Arsenal team right now :auba:


Ughhh…I just checked the trailer. Gosh

Production value has indeed gone up exponentially compared to a decade ago but the storyline is still crap because that’s what Indian crowd digs -_-

I haven’t watched any Hindi movies since like 4,5 years now apart from Aamir’s movies.


I mean, the trailer wasn’t remotely in English so I have zero idea what the plot is. It looked like a dumb action film, but quite fun lol


And there’s me thinking you were making a sound effect for getting a smack in the face !!


Dishoom the restaurant is overrated and overpriced imo.


I was


High Indian cuisine usually is. Not a cuisine that lends itself to high cuisine.




You should like it then :wink:


Indian cuisine is probably my least favourite so I don’t think I’d enjoy Dishoom much.


Premier League top scorer next season for sure.


Technically Indian Iranian.

And disagree.

There are good places that offer good Indian cuisine. Just because it’s bastardised by your average takeaway doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

@Trion help a man out.


The only shining light in a very dark season.