Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Pierre-Gabriel Aubameyagbonlahor

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It’s almost like ‘Wrighty Knows’. Wright didn’t have that sort of affiliation with RvC or Cuntegras (he might have known that they didn’t have Arsenal’s best interests at heart and they weren’t ever going to see out their careers with the club)

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Always assuming shit. Wright wasn’t as present on the socials or active in football punditry when those players were here. How do you actually know this?

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Did you read the word “almost”, Socially Distant Gooner?

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0 goals and apart from the assist I barely saw him.

Why oh why do we waste him like this.

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Yeah today was one of those days we didn’t get him in the box anywhere near enough.

I want to become an Arsenal legend, sure bruh we are being served up some shit attacking football with a billion defenders on the pitch and a useless midfield getting our shots doubled by West Ham at home :joy::joy: either he’s naive af and bought some bull shit story from Arteta or he just wanted to get paid.

Anyways pretty sad how he is gonna waste the last good years of his career firing us to 7th place.


Not even trying to play Auba through the middle is the biggest reason for my doubt in Arteta’s general competence as a manager.

He may have his preferences, OK, bit since he came here as a manager he never even tried Auba in the middle for a minute… You could probably understand that if we had Lewandowski, prime Suarez, Van Persie, Aguero (or even a fake 9 like Firmino) in the middle… but sticking to fucking Lacazette. Nahh, that’s just wrong.

And also last night he never tried to switch to a more open formation, like 4231 with Willian in the middle, Pepe and Auba on the wings… We were absolutely lucky not to concede a second before we scored… A very lucky (not ugly) win.

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What do we gain from Auba starting centrally against teams that play a low block then? The space isn’t there for him to operate, right?

One of the reasons West Ham had that many efforts (and opposition efforts have greatly reduced under Arteta overall, as I’m sure you know) is because our players gave away needless passes which applied pressure towards our goal, and inability to shut down crosses. That can’t be sustained, as Arteta alluded to, post match.

The players usually listen to Arteta better and can also pass the ball better, West Ham’s press wasn’t anything special.

Our left side was also lacking due to no Tierney and AMN who worked up a good understanding with Auba.

Auba was more provider and this was due to being shut down at times and dragged back when he has Kola to work with.

What we saw yesterday was a reminder of why we need more creativity and presence in the middle. That is part of Mikel long term vision, I’m sure. Let’s get Aouar Partney sorted, for all of sakes.


The pessimist in me can’t see either of these deals getting done, unfortunately.

It’s been dragged out far too long

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  1. Stops them pushing high off the press because Auba will exploit any space in quick counters.

  2. We can actually use a proper winger on the wings which will help in buildup e.g. Saka was so much better when he was central and more advanced and not playing the LWB role.

  3. Lacazette isn’t playing central which means less turnovers leading to quick counters and we can maybe actually build attacks.

  4. More running and movement means our attack will be less static, meaning we will be tougher to defend.

These 4 things make our team massively better already, without any midfield changes.


I’m all for it if it’s that easy. I just don’t see it being the one thing that totally switches the gears for this team though.

I generally agree with you that Arteta maybe too rigid in his selection with Auba; opponents will see this as an occurrence, deployed on the left, so why can Mikel not switch him centrally more often? It must be a structural thing.

I’d be more for it if it then elevated the likes of Pepe and Saka (Willian/Nelson) on the wings, get them more involved in the goals. I just feel upon seeing the team sheet on game day, the opposition gaffer will likely still sit deep because of how potential our counter attacking could be. This still leaves us in the same situation and I don’t think Auba is industrious enough to make something out of nothing infront of five defenders.

Ideally, I think I would like to see Arteta be a bit more fluid with his attackers upfront. Interchanging more often.

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He’s a poacher bruh. Whose at his strongest in the box. We all know this. Hahaha. That explains why Arteta doesn’t want to use him centrally? Not as good with his back to the goal etc. Let’s just see how Lacazette will do for now. Arteta is not going to change it.

Auba is lethal in the box, but I feel he has kind of “evolved” in his type of goals with us.

I was reminded of this when I watched the Arsenal compilation of every goal he has scored with us. His poacher qualities were very prominent early on, and the technique variety in his finishing was also easy to see.

But looking @ his goals after the restart, and his goals against Liverpool in the CS, Aston Villa in the friendly & vs Fulham shows his other ability at driving in powerful shots from just outside the box or running into the box.

The amount of goals from through balls will also go up when he is playing with guys that can pick out a pass, like Saka and KT. Balls down the line or through balls means that I think he should still get alot of opportunities to score down the left, depending on who is playing behind him, and across the field from him (when we switch play using players like Pepe & Willian)


Meanwhile, in Arteta’s press conference…



Must have been funny at the time