Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


I still can’t believe that we were basically the only club in the running for him.


It is well documented that he wanted to move to Real Madrid. Maybe other (English) clubs did enquire for him at BVB, but he made his mind up to go there. After that didn’t happen he chose too move who came in for him. Real, Barcelona, City and Bayern don’t really have a need for him and United and Chelsea made other big money forward signings before he might realised a Real move wasn’t going to happen.


We could have had him a couple of seasons ago.
The 70m we wasted on Xhaka and Mustafi would have got us Aubameyang and we would have a forward line of Ozil, Sanchez and him.

With him, Mkhitayran, Ozil and Lacazette, our attacking line up looks great for next season.

The fact that we have had to wait so long, and go through so many uninspiring strikers, since we had RVP, is one of the main reasons we have dropped out of the top four.

With the right manager, he could well be a thirty goal a season striker for us.


I don’t think you can say that as a matter of fact. The post right above yours is the reason why.


Yeah agreed.

Think it was one of those Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette type signings.

We were willing to pay the money and other teams weren’t interested at the time.


I also like that he seems to work very well with Lacazette. That makes the immediate need for a winger a bit less for the summer and we can focus on a goalkeeper, defenders and midfielders.


Remember all the talk about him being toxic for a team etc. etc. Everyone loves Auba. He is our new Eboue/Podolski and he can actually play football on an elite level.


I still think if we had offered Dortmund 60m, or more, in that transfer window, which was worth a lot more then than the 60m we have just paid for him, we could have had him.

He might have wanted to go to Real Madrid, but then so do a lot of top players.

We really have lacked any ambition in the transfer market when it comes to top strikers, considering the constant insistence, by Wenger and Gazidis, that we could afford anyone.

We waited more than five seasons to buy a recognised top striker, and when we did, it’s no surprise that he is scoring regularly for us.
It’s just a shame we wasted so much time and money before we did get a proper, top quality striker, and it was only desperation that forced the club to do anything about it when we did.


Expect him to score over 30 goals next season.


Two big “what ifs” for me when it comes to Aubameyang.

  1. Why didn’t we get him in the summer?

  2. Even if we got him in January would we have had enough to beat Madrid in the semi finals if he was allowed to play?

Curious to see how the new manager handles him. I seriously doubt we’ll be playing a four four feckin’ two as the old folks call it unless something really goes off the rails.


We still had Sanchez and Wenger took the cheaper option of Lacazette.

Even if we got him in January would we have had enough to beat Madrid in the semi finals if he was allowed to play?
It would have been better to have him in the previous window because it might have meant Sanchez would have been persuaded to stay, especially if we had been in the top four places.
So Aubameyang, Ozil and Sanchez, with a few games together could have been enough to beat Atletico.

Saying that, I think Aubameyang, Ozil, Mkhitayran and Lacazette, is one of there best attacking line ups we have had for several seasons, and all the transfer activity meant we got rid of Walcott and Giroud as well.


What was the system with him and Lacazette playing like? Who was out wide or did we play a fluid front three or a 4-4-2?


I don’t think that is really an option because we have to rotate those four. As far as I’m concerned Welbeck is gone and Iwobi I don’t trust fully yet.

It also doesn’t really matter who plays wing and who doesn’t I think. Aubameyang provides the pace and mobility Lacazette lacks and both can play off each other in that way and interchange position.

Like I said in a couple of post earlier; he might have waited on Real to make a move. Aubameyang would have increased our chances, but if he was eligible to play Atletico could have prepared for him. With or without him Atletico was going to be an extremely difficult opponent for Arsenal.


Auba seemed to be drifting wide right quite often. Hard to tell what was what though because Burnley was absolute shit.


Felt like both Auba and Laca were drifting in and out of wide spaces depending on who picked up the ball and where.

Very fluid, looked positive.


They’ve both been drifting wherever and filling in in the games they played together. They’re both comfortable with the ball at the feet, both happy to take a defender on.

I thought it might not work but I can’t see why it wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t be heartbroken to go into a season like

Mkhi        Auba
   Ozil  Ramsey
   6 other cunts

If we made some serious signings for some of the other cunts.


6 other cunts eh…no one puts mav in the corner :sanchez2:


Or we could play a 4-3-3 with Ozil in the midfield.

Mhki, Laca and Auba could be in the forward positions, Ozil doesn’t necessarily have to be played so close to goal and him in the three brings a lot of control that isn’t quite there with Xhaka and say Ramsey.


That is like negative cover for an already shaky central defense. Get a bully in the middle of the defense and that could work. Probably would need to give the outside backs less freedom to be in the final 1/3 as well…which I’m all for anyway unless we are signing Marcelo or something.


That would be a dream team and i think Allegri would play in this way if we got him.