Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Auba is pretty unselfish. A team player. Quite refreshing after post-Sanchez. Not quite the disruptive player we were supposedly buying.

Actually, one of the best jobs he’s done for us is give Lacazette his mojo back. He’s doing his best to help us win the EL despite not being able to play in it!


Yes it’s so true, people @ me in the Laca thread cuz he’s doing well now, but the first thing that came to mind is Auba holding the guys hand giving him pens ect, Auba has rejuvenated Laca.


Furthermore, a new manager might see us go 4-4-2. Auba and Laca up front. The last thing I want to see is PEA’s “clinicalness” and killer instinct in front of goal “blunted” somewhat by pushing him into midfield (as we’ve seen with the likes of Bentdner, Arshavin, Reyes and Podolski in the past)


Auba legend :joy:


Auba/Laca next season are going to tear it up :star_struck:



He’s our guy. :sunglasses:


Making a mockery of Kane :arteta:


Think it’s clear he’s an elite level player. His touches, movement, link up play, is just superb. He’s calm and doesn’t rush his decisions. So glad we’ve got him on board during his peak years, just what we need. Hopefully the next manager can extract the best out of him while he’s peaking.


I hope this Kane thing never dies down and pops up randomly once every few months.




Welbeast cant stop bragging about his massive slong cant he ?


Ultimate bully.

It’s very exciting to have him leading our front line next season.


He will score 25+ league goals next season, bookmark it.


No need. You’ll be back to tell us when it happens. Hopefully. :slight_smile:


I love how unorthodox and unpredictable he is. He has great timing on the ball to beat a man and that first step and his ability to slash behind a defender in one v one situations is awesome. Really cool player to watch. Sanchez was a good player but when Sanchez is shit he is torture on the footballing eyes.


He’s so profilic. vs the 7th-20th placed sides in the league he’s guaranteed to score. Just big games he needs to score in now and not better timing to improve that than Wenger going


Has he played any big games for us?

Aside from a nothing game against United that no-one really cared about.


Mad instinctive skills - that goal !!


Yeah the cup final v City, but most of our squad wasn’t up for that game


Oh yeah, true.

Yeah hard to blame him for not being a big game player after just one big game when the team clearly weren’t up for anything.