Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Arsenal would be the favorites in the EL if he was eligible.

Still, all it takes for the greats like him is a moment to turn the game around. We’ve seen him score stylish goals and now some good old fashion poaching.

Can’t wait to see him on a fully functional Arsenal squad.:giroud2:


Tbf, that was a different version of Aubameyang. Can’t be sure he’d turn into the player he is now under Wenger. But yeah, I wanted him that summer.


Who would have thought that buying a proper, top quality, striker would score goals?

Wenger must regret wasting so much money and wages on second tier strikers that weren’t good enough.
As well as throwing away every season because of his reluctance to pay what it takes to get a player who is at the same level as Ozil.


Big fan of Wenger taking him off on exactly 70 minutes even though he can’t play midweek

Superb decision. I mean, it’s not like we’re on the back foot and need our best goal threat or anything.


Puzzling. Should have taken off Welbeck and let’s see Laca and Auba together. And Welbeck on cue has one of the top misses of the season.:arteta::sanchez2:





I think Wenger took him off to get Welbeck and Lacazette a few minutes together, cause they’ll probably be playing together in the Europa League with Mhikitaryan out. That’s the only reason I can give that makes any sense.


I agree, makes sense. They need to develop some chemistry playing together as they will paly for sure together next week.


Wenger said Auba was tired.


I remember the odd poster on his back after 4 games, I said let’s wait and see what his scoring record is until after we have played some garbage teams.


Let’s be honest though, you can’t even really pay attention to what that man says. I’ve stopped even listening to him, about %80 of the time its never the actual truth, I have to believe.


Probably skilled up 100 man during lunch time then a teacher on the way to class.


Wenger’s last signing then. Quite an honour for Auba




Auba seems like such a good dood, happy we got this guy. He’s gonna destroy the PL next season with a hopefully more coherent team.


Lol as if Auba gives a fuck

I mean, he might have an opinion on Wenger as a man etc, but as a manager? Yeah, whatever. He’s been here 3 minutes.


Tons of free likes on that post.


Remarkably unselfish for a supposed ‘poacher’ type.


Game changer. Involved in all the goals.


If Wenger had bought Aubameyang a few seasons a go, rather than several cheaper,m inadequate, alternatives for a proper striker, he might not have had to leave.

Without doubt his best striker signing since we’ve been at the Emirates, and he’s up there with Ozil and Sanchez as one of his best signings since then as well.