Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Fire power



cuss word yes!


That video is lame. Was expecting something better with the time they had to prepare.


All the work is going into the Giroud send-off video :disappointed_relieved:


Unless he can manage a team and organise a defence and train out individual errors in Kos and Mustafi, I don’t see him making much of a difference to be honest.

Sanchez couldn’t make up for the systemic frailties in our tactics and defence and I doubt Auba will either.


Just enjoy madness for once FFS, you danish lego biscuit boy!


Alright Buzz Killington :unamused:


I’m sorry I was super hyped right up until that showing against Swansea. That and losing Giroud has sucked the wind out of my sails.


Only for few hours :wink:


If I didn’t know about his eccentric personality, I would think his pics are mere reactions to our defending last night.


Wanted this guy here for years but after that shower of shit last night I just can’t muster any real enthusiasm atm. I don’t want to be pessimistic but can’t see what difference he’ll really make until the club improves as a whole. Hoping he’ll be a catalyst I suppose.


Quite funny that they got Mikhtaryan to redo his line I thought. Doesn’t always need some grand intro video









Breaking news: Aubameyang hands in a transfer request.




We Got Him!!!



What news to start my lunch with!!