Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)




Can’t wait for this shit to be over.


We looked way better with both on the pitch.


Auba looked good on the wing, tbh. Even more with Laca as CF.


Would it be crazy to try them in a 4-4-2?


Going relatively big on Auba first scorer for the second week running. Just a shame I won’t be watching, lunch with the “in laws” instead :laca:


UGh. Same



I’m going for Auba to score anytime and us to win. 11/8, just to make the game more interesting as it looks like it could be a shit fest.


And I pop onto google and see we’ve let Shane cunting Long score, useless bag of shite that he is.

Still, at least I’ve had a couple of cracking gin cocktails so that helps.


Bet on 0 Arsenal goals instead


Aubbaaaaa, too fucking good 6 in 7. 19 in 23 between the two leagues. We’ve actually got a top striker again!!!


So good!


now we just need some competent players around the rest of the pitch…Sven do your thing!!


We’ve got the striker we’ve been calling out for, now we need the manager.


He was available for cheaper, or similar amount in 2015, think what could have been…

As always, Wenger a couple years too late in addressing squad issues.


he was looking at buying griezmann too but didnt want to spend as much as the 25m they wanted, so opted for some other shit player.




Complete forward, and a poacher machine. Love him already.


Image him with a better manager :giroud2:


Like he did at Dortmund you mean