Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


There is a part in the article where it is reported Aubs said some players have given up. I was commenting that words.


Good lord. The state of this thing.



Joined the worst fucking team he could have possibly joined




Nice one Auba! :slightly_smiling_face:


I reckon the kid’s dad made that sign and runs that Twitter account. :joy:


It’s worse than the C-word.


Watches Dragonball, scores goals for Arsenal.

worth every penny imo


Well Goku did master ultra instinct


He didn’t have a great deal to feed off today but what’s clear is if the players behind him are playing well he will give you top tier output.

3 goals in 5 PL appearances and he’s nowhere near his optimum level, I just hope we get a new coach who can organise and instruct this squad to get the best out of him because no doubt he’ll be devastating for us.


Him and Mkhi together :giroud3:


Nice link up with Mkhi and Ozil - just need more game time together !!


Imagine our squad under someone like Pep :cech: :giroud3:


As I said I wanted to see his record after we started player against lesser teams, scored in consecutive matches now.


Ancelotti is ok enough :henry2:



Yeah ngl, that was lit AF. Wonder how it will end in a couple weeks.


He retweeted this update, for any of you that care.


It looks cool when he does that, but i hate it as a celebration because so much can go wrong from spraining and twisting ankles to death. There was a footballer that killed himself doing this and recently a bodybuilder.


Auba with a fan :wink:


Yeah, that was the Indian footballer wasn’t it? He had a spine injury. There are a few risky celebrations like that.

I can somersault actually. But since I quit dancing/cheerleading i’m more careful and only take part in gymnastics in the bedroom :sunglasses: