Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Just wait until he really starts getting unprofessional. :joy: Will he get suspended here or just ‘warned’?



It’s a penalty. He’s over analysing.


Had a feeling he would miss when I saw the last penalties taken overlay on the bottom of the screen. He just had to shoot in his prefered corner against a goalie that will have known in advance.


I think he did telegraph is to be honest.

You just knew he was going to miss. Stage was set for it.


Ederson saved a penalty by Auba last season too.


Haha, what else is there to do when your team is routinely beat 3-0 for the second time in a week?


It was on purpose. Auba is Wenger out


Think so as well.


Yo Pierre, you still here?


He has only taken 1 month to turn into shit. Well-done Wenger!


No he did not turn to shit. This team is shit. Consistently we have been getting trashed by the top teams. We have no backbone, no plan, no desire. That is all on the manager.

FFS. PEA played 4 games and three against opposition much better than us. Give the man a break. On the other hand good ol Wenga had the last 12 seasons to sort out why he is a feckin failure ever since and he still is at the Club.


I’m a little shocked at how quickly he’s picked up the lousy body language and thousand yard stare that really symbolize late stage Arsenal players.


Impressive work by Wenger wengifying a player in the space of 2 weeks.

Must be a new record.


Wenger has a special influence with French players.




Really Pierre? :xhaka:


Would you rather he walked?

Luca get a fucking grip. Man drives from work. Wow


*late stage Wenger Arsenal players.


To many of us the two are synonymous :man_shrugging: