Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


This really bothered me yesterday.
As you said, we are a “good” possession team, but we had so many long balls from the back to the final third, bypassing the midfield and quickly lost the possession.
Was it because we could handle tight press and we gave up what we were good at?



“Man goes out for dinner”


That passes as front page news for the Daily Fail.


Everyone look. He’s driving a big flashy motor!


You’re just gutted you didn’t get this exclusive scoop :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe not, it is just PEA…now if it was Giroud, i reckon she would like a seat at the table too :smile:


Don’t shoot the messenger. I know the Daily Mail hates us.


Gold Ranger Rover, that puts him somewhere in between El Hadji Diof and Stephen Ireland on the wanker scale.




There’s no way of discerning who you’re classifying as the bigger wanker.


El Hadji Diof

What is so hard about it?


Well-done Auba! You missed it on a purpose to get Wenger sacked.


Sometimes you make choices in life that you regret instantly.


he didnt miss it was a good penalty ederson guessed right and dove quite far to get it…maybe a bit more power. Last thing we need is auba losing his fucking confidence now tho.


Good save rather than a bad miss.

We’re too used to seeing Cech’s non-attempts at pelanties


We actually get awarded a penalty and Lacazette isn’t fit to take it :dizzy_face:





Aaaaaand that’s 4 out of 4 nothing matches, come on Pierre