Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Think we have to apologise to laca


Hope that money is real good Auba, you’re in for more disappointing times yet.


You don’t actually read anything on here, do you.


He was always alive and moving the whole game. There was just nothing to work with and those balls over the top were hopeful at best. His outrageous pace was the be all and end all of the threat we could offer City today.

Our team have absolutely no idea what they’re doing in possession.


Same as Laca, as i have been saying for weeks on end feeding off fucking scraps. How many times i have seen Laca in behind the defense they delay the pass or pass sideways etc waits until he is just offside, its like the midfield are fucking dunces even ozil with his supposed vision fucks around way too much. I guess it is the usual bullshit of that he has got his contract now for huge money so he doesnt give a fucking shit anymore.


Auba is going to meet the same fate Laca did. Making runs but never being picked up by our blind and inept midfield.


Today it wasn’t a case of not being picked up though really. We couldn’t string 3-4 passes together.


People will be on Auba’s back too soon, it really is inevitable and is a symptom of managerial ineptitude rather than the player.


Bloody hell, the happiness we all felt when he signed a few weeks ago seems a distant fucking memory.

Getting more excitement from a transfer than the actual football on the pitch.

The monotony of repeating the same mistakes is literally sucking the enjoyment out of following this club. So bored of this shit.


It used to be Ozil needs a WC forward and runner to feed. Now it’s our WC runner needs service. Not sure what to make of it all tbh.


3 games in an Arsenal shirt, 3 anonymous and inept performances, but you just can’t nail anyone after 270 minutes exposure to English football, it’s just massively frustrating. I hoped for more. Something about silk purses and a sow’s ear


Personnel isn’t the issue and signing Auba confirms it.

A better manager is getting a hell of a lot more out of these players.


Personnel is part of the issue, not a major one at all. Pretty much everybody agrees a better manager gets better performances from these players.

It’s still early days but between Miki, Auba and Ozil there should be enough attacking talent, experience and intelligence to negate Wenger’s lack of system.

Isn’t Aubameyang Ozil’s ideal striker? Don’t their style of play naturally compliment each other? They should be able to combine in an organic way without much instruction from the manager

I think the poor midfield balance is a greater indication of Wenger’s failings


He’s definitely Ozil’s ideal striker but on the whole the team is not set up to get the best out of them.

As you said the lack of a proper midfield is a huge failing of Wenger, the team misses Santi so much it’s unreal. Ozil drops deep far too much and play generally breaks down in the middle of the pitch far too often, our midfield options are incredibly uninspiring especially considering Ramsey can hardly play five games on the spin.

There’s very little that’s cohesive about this team, whenever they play well it’s almost in spite of Wenger.


The cancerball has metastasized so much that it negates any influence from world class players.

Wenger’s amazing tactics mean Ozil is too far up the pitch to influence anything. Tbh it wouldn’t be such a bad thing having him there in the final third, if we could actually bring the ball over to him in that area.

But as we know, this is the main problem with cancerball, the midfield atrocities.


I want to see Auba against a larger sample of teams like Lacazette has played against, 2 of Auba’s 3 games have been against Spurs and City where we have been destroyed in the centre of the park.


The only team in the world with a WC attack who looks shit due to the manager :rofl:


Back when this was first being said we were still a good possession team. None of that matters now that we don’t have a transition between defence to midfield to final third. Midfield is virtually non-existent and it appears our only approach is hoof it in behind for Aubameyang.


This has been the problem this whole season our midfield is not good enough or nonexsistent in some cases. Every team just waltz straight through us like a hot knife through butter. To make things worse we have no link to attack and no protection for the defence


He gets fucking Ozil a guy famous for assisting strikers and playing directly behind the striker a world famous no. 10 and he plays him in a cup final ON THE FUCKING WING. What can he fucking dictate from there, and then he does that to make way for wilshere and fucking ramsey to play there. That is like moving fucking messi from a forward position into a deep lying mid player to accomodate wilfried bony, wenger is just an utter dick thinking he is clever with his bullshit tinkering.