Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Rather he miss League games because that’s done with.
Hopefully okay at Bournemouth as Howe usually chucks the competition. Might have to anyway.

I see some irony in this :henry2:

Irony? Or a very bad joke?

you mean spell? right? i think that is what you mean.

Yep :wink:



wasnt sure if it was done on purpose or not ‘That’s the joke’ does spring to mind…my brain aint functioning today.


I hope you did that purposely

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To be fair, a mistimed tackle by a player who is not renowned for his defensive displays, is hardly worth a three match ban.

We lose our best player for three matches, yet Xhaka made several worse fouls against Leeds, that didn’t even get a yellow card, and he’s still playing for us.


Only Xhaka could make an Arsenal fan dislike him so much that we’re angry he hasn’t been suspended lol


Xhaka didn’t make any tackles like Auba did. It was a straight red all day long, and had that sort of tackle been made by a Spurs player, we wouldn’t be trying to find mitigating circumstances or seeking to excuse it.

He fucked up, and deserves his three match ban.


I think the only mitigating circumstance is that the ref on the field saw it, called a foul, and didn’t himself see it as a red offense.

But yeah, zero point to appeal… we just need to hope others can step up and bang in goals in those 3 games.

Not true. :mustafi:


Hardly surprising.

It weren’t gonna go from a yellow, to being VAR’d to a red, then be re-reviewed back to a yellow.

Depends how dodgy the colour on the stream.

Scenes if we loan out Martinelli and Aubameyang.


Giroud and Theo coming back!


“Hey Arsenal, is it OK if we take your only goal outlet on loan until the end of the season and therefore take any chance you have of qualifying for the Champions League?”

Yeah, they can go fuck themselves.