Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Wenger went out of his way to give Alexis tactical freedom and that was definitely reflected in his Arsenal record. He’s one of the few players to excel under Wenger in recent years.

Alexis didn’t perform against the big teams because of his selfish style of play


Can’t accept that tbh, selfish style of play stopped him from performing against the better teams? Or was the team on the whole almost always found wanting?

We never have a genuine plan against them so it’s little wonder why our best players flounder.


Bayern (h) 2014 - 2015

Even though we won, I’ll always remember that game as proof of his selfish nature. He was terrible in all phases of play, constantly giving the ball away, misplaced passes, zero positive offensive contribution, he was a liability by the end.


Basically he was the same player that scored 30 goals for us, helped us to win the FA Cup?

IMO, YES, Sanchez ball hogged too much, slowed down the game play and hurt our chance of winning.
In the mean time, I did not see his teammates made enough movements, unlock the defense and helped creating spaces and outlets.
Sanchez had an attitude, the other players also had the wrong attitude when he had the ball. They just watched. Laca and Ozil were the only players that I observed, were making runs and efforts.

Let’s move on.
Selfish or not, he is gone




Fuck off cunt! Even myself would have scored it. Costed us the game.


would have been ruled as offside anyway luca.




Embarrassing Luca.

Wasn’t an easy chance


When you are desperate you blame everyone. Wenger has done this to me.


He’s cost us the game in the first 20 minutes? :joy:


it was offside and as the commentator said if it went in it wouldda probably been met with lots or arms up VAR used and it be ruled out.


He looks shit for us, but he is not his fault. Wenger could run another good player FFS!


Wenger has wasted more money again. But not Auba’s fault though.


Who’s fault is it then?


The shit manager fault’s.


Yup, blame Wenger for buying a shit striker…ffs
most on here were saying he DIDN’T buy PEA because the new backroom staff were in control, but now were losing Wenger bought him, and its his fault…ffs


Loool what are you trying to say here?


PEA is a great striker under a poor malformed team which has no strength anywhere


It’s 3 games people steady on, he dosen’t look fit as he dosen’t have that explosive speed he had against Everton on debut for us.