Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


An ambitious shout to call him “really dangerous”. If he goes onto score that incorrectly ruled offside decision early at 0-0 then perhaps it’s a different game. Apart from that his teammates didn’t help him and he didn’t help himself much either throughout.


Wow @Robin_L strong words I thought you were trolling at one point.

He probably would have scored that offside call tbh. Last of our worries.

No idea why Wenger shifted him out wide for Lacazette. Should be the other way round imo


Nah, you can’t. He’s worse than prosciutto on French baguette.


@Electrifying no intention of burying the guy after two games but he’s had an underwhelming start I think it’s fair to say. Two touches in the box in 90 minutes.


Has as much trouble staying onside as Walcott.

From everything I saw in Dortmund games and read from Dortmund fans he seems a lot like a super-pacey fox in the box, which is great if you can play to that strength. But he’ll get figured out super quick in the prem. All of his chances today came from running off the defenders shoulder but spurs nailed the offside trap and neutralised him completely.


C’mon Pier! I truly believe in you!


In other words, Wenger and his shit football will make another good 9 look bad.

I actually think Auba will do well for us though, he’s great in the box and the likes of Ozil & Mkhi are good enough to figure shit out.


Aubameyang is shit after 2 games? Ha, I mean we do have some reactionary fans, this guy has a similar goalscoring record to Kane, there’s no doubts about him


Unlucky with the 2 offside calls, but his movements were perfect. Top player.


Who said that?


No one from what I can see, but people have misread perhaps. I didn’t say he’s shit, I said he played shit, which he did. The lack of service angle being partly but clearly not wholly the explanation for that

He’s had 2 underwhelming games out of 2 so far, things can only go up from here.


Auba wont be ready till next season


Auba is ready now.


He just retweeted this:




Truly the best and most cultured striker in the world.

Your striker would never.


What did you expect?


Dragon Ball super has been surprisingly good.
That tune is ace.


imo it’s been dogshit but I can’t stop watching now until the end. Kinda like How i met your mother.

Also was watching for Jiren the boss and Vegeta who went out like a champ just now.


PEA can’t be judged after not even a handful of games. Fans these days are ridiculous. He comes mid season from another team in another league to a team and league novel to him. On top of that, managed by a manager who is utterly clueless for at least the last 9 seasons on how to get his team play well.

People burning PEA now are just really undeserving of a player like him.


I think with a top manager, who plays players to their strengths and who knows how to organise a team, Aubameyang, like Mkhitayran, Ramsey, Lacazette, Bellerin and even Xhaka, will become far better players.


Goes without saying really.

Don’t think we’ll see the best of Auba until Wenger is out, sure he may perform well against the lesser teams but against other top teams he won’t be getting it done consistently and this will be down to a manager that is almost completely lacking in any semblance of tactical thought.

Even Sanchez in top form didn’t perform superbly against the other top teams, will be no different for any other top player under Wenger.