Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)


Almost as good as my proposed song on the old forum when we signed Özil set to Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Shame that such brilliance is lost to perpetuity.


I still cannot believe he plays for us. :campbell:


Don’t worry, if Wenger stayed he would put in a transfer request :ozil2:


That’s about the only chant I’ve ever remembered the words to, therefore it must be a classic.


Hattrick happening tomorrow. Gonna show Harry Kane what a proper striker looks like



GOAT chant.


Gonna dribble him a couple of times as well :wink:


Auba is just a pacy Walcott. Should have kept him tbh.


Can i just tell you to fuck off?


Just to mark this guy’s card so far, that’s 2 starts and 2 very mediocre at best (actually he’s been shit) performances. 25 touches of the ball in his first game, the lowest on the pitch I believe it was, scored a goal that was well offside. Another nothing performance today, caught offside a bunch of times, only the one time unluckily.

It’s only been two games but you call it as you see it I guess, I expected waaaaay more than this


I hope we get relegated one day. Our fans are truly pathetic. Now Auba is shit? FUCK OFF!


You’re the most pathetic fan I’ve seen in my time on this forum, congrats :+1:


Well, if you say Auba is shit how can i reply well to you? No point to discuss. No ignore me.


I still have faith that he’ll be a revelation. Too often we’ve had this expectation that the striker has to be in all the build up. I quite like that he clearly isn’t and he’s always ready to pounce on something and with a team with Ozil in it that through ball could come at any time but players like Lacazette and Giroud end up going to the half way line to play and then are playing catch up.

But that puts all the responsibility elsewhere and our creativity wasn’t there today. So many balls over the top hit far too long, through balls played straight into defenders.


Offside goal last week, denied a probable/possible goal today. Wish it had been the other way round


For the love of God stop this nonsense it’s fucking embarrassing. You come out with it all the time :sleeping: so boring


Thing about it is we aren’t creating. No striker is getting service right now. Seriously we would have been more suited to having Giroud play CF this season with the style we’re having to play.


Auba actually was really dangerous today. The opportunities to get him a goal that we wasted were infuriating.

Chance one - Right in the start of the match off a corner it’s a 2 v 1 Auba and Miki and all Ozil has to do is not pass to a scum defender.

Chance two - a 3 v 2 break and Xhaka makes a shitty pass Miki taking him way wide, all the while Auba is wide open on the right.

Chance three - Miki gets the ball wide Auba makes a great run is in space all miki has to do is square it and instead he skied it.

Chance four - Laca is literally alone in the box if Laca got his head up and just put it across the box it’s a tap in for Auba. Instead Lacashitte fucks it up.


His movement is awesome, he’s blessed with tremendous athletic ability. Ozil could have found him like you said it’s just that sort of opportunity to break was so few and far between than it needed to be. He’ll do excellently when we’re outplaying teams but not when he’s working from scraps.

Although it must be said we were utterly screwed by that shit offside call.


Yikes. Small sample size.

I think he will prove to be a great signing for Arsenal. Of course, I’m willing to withhold judgement for at least another game or two.