Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

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This is what happens when an unambitious board persists with an under performing manager.
Your best players leave.

We saw it with Wenger and now we’re going to see it with Emery.

All I would say to the board is, learn from your mistakes and sort this mess out, rather than leaving it until we fall even lower.

Our club is a shambles from top to bottom.


I’ve made peace with the likelihood that he is not extending and will likely be off in the summer. The signs are there:

  • Curse of the captaincy armband
  • No CL football
  • Frustrating style of play for him to be a part of
  • No contract extension

This club enjoys staying in a never ending loop and boring narrative. Must be one of the most predictable clubs to support


Wenger and Emery are so predictable in everything they do because they never learn from their mistakes but prefer to keep plodding on regardless of what happens.

He can’t have loved CL football that much to leave it with Dortmund and join us originally lol.

Apparently has had a car crash no injuries but has totalled his Lamborghini

He probably assumed a club of our size wouldn’t miss the CL 3 consecutive seasons once he signed given we were adding a 30 + goal a year striker. Given that he’s now 30 etc I think he’ll be desperate to make the move back to a CL club should the oppprtunity arise.


With Wenger I have at least a modicum of sympathy (removing our singularly legendary manager was never going to be easy), but they have zero excuse this round. I get that they don’t want to “knee-jerk” but f*ck me there are no positive signs whatsoever under this clown and plenty of alarm bells all over the place - this feels a bit like the old Wenger contrarian attitude “they think this won’t work any more? I’ll show them!!!”

Raul and Edu need to make the case and make this move happen.


If I’m him, I’m trying to get myself to a huge club for a couple of seasons if I can. His career has not been as good as it could have been for someone with his talent in front of goal. There was a sense of getting out while he could with Dortmund and I can’t see why he wouldn’t be feeling the same here.

He rolled the dice with us, a fallen-ish big-ish club with what he might of thought was a legendary manager, that was looking to start spending and could only go upwards (especially after acquiring a 30 goal striker) but it backfired.

He’s not been here through happy times so I doubt he’s generated any kind of true love for the club or the fans compared to any of his other clubs/fans. Wenger’s end included a lot of toxicity and the Emery era is probably about to head that way too.

If he tries to make that happen in the summer and can’t get a big move I can see him accepting that and extending, but to be honest if it came out tomorrow that he’d signed an extension I think I’d actually think less of him :arteta:


no need to worry about getting trolled over that car now :poldi:

After that display by City today I can see them coming in for him soon, they’d love to bolster their front line I’m sure.

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Funny how the media spin a couple days ago was that the players were all surprised at the fans being mad at Xhaka because the players have no clue about what’s said on social media, so it was some big surprise. Now all of a sudden the players are so tuned in to social media that they know what posts Auba is liking and they keep close track of what AFTV say :joy::joy:

Auba’s best contribution since coming here.

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Fucking social media :facepalm:

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Fuck AFTV, but what a bunch of losers Arsenal football club are :arteta:

Auba, like everybody else, is probably irritated why we haven’t sacked that fucking bum yet.


Throws armband down. Tells board to fuck off and do you get me fam.

What’s up with this “us against them” from the club towards the fans? The fans that pay shitloads of money to get a season ticket, the fans who came to Baku to see their team bashed, the fans who broke records for the Adidas kits. Fucking embarrassing man. Then they talk about values ffs.


What a club…

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