Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)

Amazing just how good he is but most Liverpool fans would (justifiably) only find a place for him on the bench

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Understandable tbf. Mane and Salah are better from the wide positions than Auba, so you don’t trade him in for one of them. And even though Aubameyang is a much better striker than Firmino, you wouldn’t switch him in because Firmino is absolutely brilliant at playing an unselfish, facilitating role for the two wide men, who score a shit ton of goals. For the sake of the system, you don’t put Auba in over Firmino.

If you’re any other team, you need a striker, and your options are Aubameyang or Firmino, nine times out of ten you go for Auba. But I get why scousers wouldn’t.


Aubarsenal :auba:

Edit: that actually makes an excellent twitter handle

Yes Auba! I voted for him but had been preparing for De Bruyne to be the favourite and win. Much deserved for Auba :smile:

Nice twitter message from him aswell, his Black Panther love still going strong!

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It sounds cool when the Captain gets big headlines and it’s like “Arsenal Captain Auba wins POTM over EVERYONE”.




Nominated for the Balloon d’Or. Well deserved.

Poor lad is playing upfront tonight with a deadbeat midfield behind him :cry:.

Emery doesn’t use his midfield to create though.
It’s Cutback FC.


Doesn’t even play his best #10s in Tierney or Bellerin. Really doesn’t help himself.


Wanted more out of him. Carried us all season but still think he let his head drop. Wanted him to take the mantle on and be the leader.

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He’s often like this. Made up for it at Old Trafford with the goal but he was otherwise exactly the same in that game.

There was a damn sexy dribbling run he made that caught @Trion eye, too, but other than that, invisible.


Would have been nice to get more out of him, but not the easiest thing for a striker playing in front of a midfield bereft of creativity.


The match just highlighted how much his goals this season have covered for our awful play. When he doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, this is what you get.


One big problem we have is nobody else scores. Worrying that.

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Didnt score and we were screwed as expected

Our fucking manager is so hesitate to start PEA and Laca together…
Pepe has potential, but he is not there yet.

I’m inclined to say that I don’t blame him if his head drops a bit from time to time, he’s carried the goals in this team for long enough.

I’m sure he’s happy to see Laca return. That might lift him a bit mentally. But otherwise when he looks at the lack of end product around him in the final third from poor crosses/passes and shots, I mean he’s only human he could easily feel the same frustrations as us out there.

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Understand most of that but like countless players here they mope.
Open your mouth and demand. Same as on the goal. Nobody marks and nobody says anything everytime without fail.
Get a couple of wins make a video for the club and carry on.
Such a weak minded club this and culture.