Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (14)




Pulisic coming in as well :henry2:


If it’s true that Aubameyang joined because he knew Mkhitayran was going to, then it just goes to show that having great players encourages other similar quality players to join them.
It also might have had a bearing on Ozil staying and illustrates how much of a lift a good transfer window has on supporters and players.

It shows how close we were to having no top quality players after this season.
No Mkhjtayran means no Aubameyang or Ozil and even more unhappy supporters.

Let’s hope Wenger and the club have learned their lesson and never have this situation again.

Stop letting our best players contracts run down.
Stop scrimping in the transfer market.
Stop buying inadequate players that no other top club wants.

We still had a net spend of around nothing, and sold our best player, but at least there is a bit of a buzz around the club which we haven’t seen since we’ve been at the Emirates.

If this transfer window is repeated in the next window, without selling our best player, we might actually be challenging for more than a top four place.


Yeah if we can add a top quality CM and CB and then maybe save a bit of money on a relegated Timo Horn we would actually stand a great chance of kicking on to the next level.

Normally want happensafter a panic madness is that wenger calms down and says ok we have the players and quality when in actual fact we don’t and then it all goes to shit. Hopefully the new team behind the scenes doesn’t get as complacent as usual after a big signing and go on to pick up the quality players we desperately need.


Panic madness you say?


The last time we had a transfer window where we bought two expensive players was when we bought Xhaka and Mustafa, then in the next window we only bought Cech, when it was obvious we needed a lot more, and it was that lack of ambition that Sanchez and Ozil realised we weren’t as ambitious as they were, and refused to sign new contracts.

There are too many windows where we do almost nothing because in the previous window we actually spent some money.

As I said, we have a net spend of almost nothing, so there is no reason we can’t go out and buy a player like Malcom and a decent CB and GK.
I just don’t want to hear anymore of Wenger’s flimsy excuses not to buy what we need.



We never kick on after making a big signing. Always get the feeling that Wenger is like “Okay cunts, I made a big signing for you all now stfu and let me carry on trying to develop Iwobi”.

Hopefully the new chaps at the club apply pressure and encourage further signings to happen. Desperately need to sort the GK situation out. Replace Mertesacker and the likely outgoing of Mustafi. Replace Cazorla / Coquelin…the list goes on but fearful that Wenger will eventually decide things are okay. This attitude has to change otherwise we will be no closer to getting back to challenging for major trophies.


It used to be like that but not anymore. Sven will be leading the transfer targets along with others so Wenger’s input will be minimal. Furthermore Arsene won’t be around after another year at most, so certainly won’t be getting much of a say in our future targets. This summer is going to be big :slight_smile:


As long as we make the required signings in the summer I’m happy to have Wenger see out the last year of his contract and see if facing the last year at the club will awaken that last little bit of magic in him to pull something off.



If possible I’d have him out today.


Thanks goodness its not possible for ya


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C’mon man it isn’t happening, if he couldn’ inspire some magic when City, United and Chelsea weren’t at the races he isn’t going to do it now with the addition of a few signings no matter how good they are.

Especially when City will still be strong, United will surely have a reaction and Chelsea will probably be resurgent with a new manager. Not to mention Liverpool who are putting quite an impressive team together and Spurs are very competent with Poch at the helm.


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