Pictures of OA members

Where abouts? :eyes:

I’m in South Wales regularly visiting family.

Hangfire Southern Kitchen, Barry :grin:

So, cigarettes with no flavor you’re into and long leaf tobacco with lots of flavor is vile?


Yeh I’m struggling to understand this myself, unless Jake’s inhaling cigars I can’t see why you’d find them any less or more disgusting than fags. I mean as a smoker I feel they’re all equally disgusting habits but I still have my fondness to them.


Never smoked cigarettes, but I do love a cigar alongside a couple fingers of rum/whiskey/red wine after a stressful day at work.


It’s almost as if taste is subjective :man_shrugging:

Think about it logically though. If something has no flavour, it’s less likely to elicit a strong response, whether it is love or hatred. If something has lots of flavour you’re far more likely to feel strongly about it either way, hence me really disliking it but lots of you really enjoying it.

I also smoked cigarettes for eleven years because I was addicted, not because I particularly appreciated the taste.

How did you quit?

Champix? Nicotine replacement? Zyban? Or willpower?

Started using a vape, found that the problem with that was that it did nothing to break the habits of smoking, which forme feels like half the battle. I’d still be going out to vape at all the same times that I used to go out to smoke.

Moved to the chewing gums and found that much more effective. Only problem with them is that they’re obviously nasty when you’re drinking, which is when I really need the nicotine most. So when heavily boozing I use a couple patches. One at the start of the night, one later when the cravings start kicking in.

But now after four and a half months I’m basically just doing without any nicotine replacement and not struggling too much.

Every now and then I desperately miss it though, but a lot less often than I thought I would. I don’t want to get too cocky as it hasn’t been that long, but in my experience you just need to get through the first three months or so, it’s not all that difficult after that.


Ha! I understand the addictive nicotine in cigarettes, but I personally don’t like the flavor. Cigar on the other hand—sun grown wrapper from Esetli, Nicaragua…roll it around and exhale.

I can appreciate the odor isn’t for everyone…

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how do you handle watching someone smoke/light one on film or tv?

A picture like that makes me wanna start tbh

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Jokes aside I don’t get it.
Inhaling smoke and exhaling while blackening your lungs. Really don’t get it.

Dad’s a chain smoker and got partial paralysis once due to it. Has been told to not smoke to continue living but he is so addicted, he has to smoke 3-4 a day and we can’t stop it.


Speaking of smoking, do u guys think I should try weed? I’ve never smoked it in my life and a lot of friends have commented to me that it’s ironic because I love reggae music and attend a lot of reggae shows. So it’s legal here for recreational use in California and I keep hearing how much better it makes music sound :joy::joy: so I’ve been considering it, not sure tho.

Nah it’s shit, go for MDMA if you wanna feel good.


Yeah but disco biscuits are too much of an upper, I’m much too calm of a person for that. Castiel, I never took you for the twirling a light stick, bracelets all over ur arms, raver type 🖒🖒 :grin::grin:


Yeah until the comedown hits

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Party bags cut with mdma, can’t feel your face :joy:

Wow look at all u lowlife druggies in here smh.


Is that you? Congrats @Phoebica!