Pictures of OA members


My stag. That’s me in the khaki short sleeve lol with my groomsman… well most of them anyway. 2 missing.


Are you a rapper? :grimacing:


Hench looking mother fucker. How was the stag?


Bi’s for days


I’m still here mate. Laying in my bed recovering from night one lol.

[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:425, topic:588”]
Are you a rapper? :grimacing:[/quote]

You’re an interesting character Luca. One of a kind.


It’s a record cover of a soul band.


On the way to Farr festival last month

One without dame Edna sunnys


Cheers :hipster:


you kind of look a bit like Luca


I’ll take that as a compliment :+1:


I thought this kind of casual racism was an American thing… interesting.


Does it have to be a racism thing? Can’t it have like a positive connotation? Srcjj is a handsome man that’s well dressed and in really good shape. That resembles a lot of people in the entertainment industry. He looks like he could be in that business tbf.


To be honest I didn’t view it as casual racism as I know Luca meant nothing by it.


WTF!? Me racist? :bellerin:


That’s what a racist would say.

jk my friend


Btw Luca still liked the actual post accusing him of racism :joy::joy:


gotta love him for that


Always smile and be happy, especially if an american accuses you :wink:


Yes this is what i was wearing as pajamas last night and this morning for the match. My man crush on Theo runs deeeeeepp :theo::heart:


You do honour your whole troll-act with that duckface :wink:.