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You can’t add 6% to $13.86 in your head? Disgraceful :wink:

I keep hoping to see some fitties in here yet I come in here and people are talking about tax :santi:

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The cool thing about percentages is that they are reversible.
If you can’t calculate 6% of 13.86, you should try 13.86% of 6.


Needs more Cristo pics


Got you.


Just what I was looking for

Those are some serious bags under your eyes what’s making you lose sleep

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Trick of the light I think. I get close to my 8 hours each night.

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Same here. 4 is close to 8


Wait, Bavin is a kiwi? That explains so much. You upside-downers are a funny lot. Probably all the blood rushing to your head.

It’s crazy, even when they piss it arcs upwards. Got toilets on ceilings over there


Loving the beard Gandalf :heart::facepunch:t5:

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Sales tax is added at the till. There are plenty of taxes added before it ever hits your shopping cart… 'scuse me, shopping trolley.

Edit: Last I checked there were 14 states that have sales tax on food.

Thanks Mo :slight_smile:

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You Europeans can bike without helmets because your drivers aren’t selfish cunts like they are here in the UK.

The culture here is so different.

You could ram down a cyclist and you’ll be defended because some other motorist saw a cyclist run a red light, maybe once a few years ago. So that makes it ok.


Someone who used to work for my old company got hit on his cycle ride to work near tower bridge. Really bad brain damage made him unable to work and he was just in his late 20’s.

Ended up on the company income protection and thank heavens we put that in as a company benefit.

Very sad and completely wrecked his life.

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My wife’s favorite story of Paris is right after they landed they caught a taxi to their hotel. Apparently, their taxi driver was aiming for anyone in crosswalks and kept yelling at them like they were idiots, except one particular woman, “She is very beautiful, eh!??!?!” as the poor woman was diving out of the way.


Tbh it’s the lack of infrastructure, there are a few decent cycle paths in London now but across the country as a whole it’s wank.

Cyclists are cunts when you’re in a car and cars are cunts when you’re on a bike shitting yourself at every turn.

I only ever ride those luxurious Santander bikes tho tbh. Helmet-less n all.


Internet works different as well.
OA looks like this


Mum’s a Maori and dad’s a Brit hence why I had to support Arsenal and didn’t get to pick a more successful club :sob::sob::joy:


Any more hair on that face and Chester would be jealous :henry2:

But seriously, I could never grow a beard like that so good for you.