Philippe Senderos

Didn’t realize so many clubs wanted him


Why are you using past tense there? He’s still here.

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I remember reading about him in World Soccer at the time and how highly rated he was. I really always wanted Senderos to do well but he got worse with age and I don’t think he ever looked that good again after a few meetings with Drogba.

I always hoped his loan spell at Milan would improve him but it was just downwards for him from that point really and truly.


Senderos, Sylvestre, Squillacci and Santos.
It seemed as if Wenger had gone through the phone book and decided to buy any player who’s name began with the letter S to go in our defence.
How did he not win the PL title with such an array of quality defenders in a rock solid defence?

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You forgot to mention the biggest flop.
Igors Stepanovs.

Yaya Toure didn’t manage to pass the trial but this guy did :arteta:


Embarrassing for Wenger, but Igors wouldn’t be his last crap signing at the back :joy: