Petr Cech (1)


For a second I thought they swapped shirts there.


Weirdo fucker :henry2:


I almost pucked while I watched that.



Yeah similar to the other analysis (maybe same source data) - Leno remains near bottom of “outcome rating” - yikes.


Come back please. We don’t know what we have till it’s gone



All the best Petr in your retirement


As much as I didn’t like this signing he’s a consummate professional and a PL great. Best of luck in retirement Petr.


Be great to win him one last trophy!


EL final vs Chelsea would be sweet.


Only one tophy Petr, which one are you sacrificing? :gunnersaurus:

Probably the most likeable player from all the time since Chelsea became a thing.


I wonder if he’s retiring because we’re rumoured to be looking for a new GK or we’re looking for a new GK because we knew he was retiring.

Whatever the reason, he will be the last player to leave out all those players that we bought in that sensational window he arrived here in.




Winner gets in CL :giroud3:

Could happen if Utd keep their form and get 4th




The right time to retire. Thanks for everything Petr.


Yeah thanks for the countless mistakes and soft goals you conceded from your debut right to your very last appearance for us lol


I give you a like for this :xhaka: :bellend:


Chelsea legend. Prem great. Arsenal let down for me. Nice guy all the same.