Petr Cech (1)





Rofl? Is this 2003


You should be grateful I didn’t complete it with ‘copter’. :bellerin:


If only. We’d have a team capable of fighting for a title again :gunnersaurus:


But have Wenger. So I’ll pass :wink:


But we’d be about to complete an unbeaten season lol


Could he make 220th clean sheets in the league this season? :mustafi:


Petr Cech
Left hamstring injury. Expected to return to full training in 3-4 weeks

Leno it is then


Will be interesting to see whether Cech comes back into the side straight away after his injury. My gut feeling is that he is Emery’s first choice no matter how well Leno might perform in the next few weeks.


In form keepers are rarely dropped. All in Leno’s hands now I think.


Thats shitty. Just when he picks up form.

Leno’s time to make a name.




He just can’t play with his feet. Leno already looks better.


What look on his face?


I’ll just leave this here.


ummmm… boggles


head injury flaring up its side effects now?


Aré they suggesting that footballs are not the only balls he likes to hold onto? :thinking:


little did I know when I saw this that it was only going to be the weirdest thing I’ve seen on OA for about 20 seconds, as it turns out the next topic I looked at had Evra making out with a raw chicken.

Better put on a helmet before I click the AFC Bournemouth vs Arsenal thread, you never know.

update: just a jolly picture with Kos in it in there, it’s safe fyi.