Petr Cech (1)


Been getting the feeling that we could have Invested the £22m spent of Leno elsewhere last ssummer.

Looking like Cech has one more decent season in him


On the flip side the signing of Leno is doing it’s job. Keeping Cech on his toes and raising his form. We now have two decent keepers instead of just one, and one below average backup (Ospina) who could never displace Cech.


Like @Midfield_Maestro I’m of the opinion that spending pretty big on a goalkeeper has certainly kept Cech on his toes and it’s exactly what he needed.

Looks like there’s life left in the old dog after all. Would never have thought that after the three seasons he’s had with us.


Easily MOTM. Everton could have been out of sight by half time.


Don’t think he was MoM today, I would have given it to Torreira, also, I would still prefer Leno in goallllll


He has been pretty good this season, and his ball-playing abilities aside, you can see why he is starting.


Really hope he isn’t just playing for dat new contract and turns back to donkey turd if the club re-up him :mustafi:


Glad to hear he played well, I only caught a bit of the first half.

Looking at the season as a whole, think Cech has been performing well above my expectations in terms of his actual shot stopping / command of area etc. Thought he was finished and a given that Leno would take his place.

There’s been so much talk about Cech’s passing / distribution that I think many of us (me included) have fallen into the trap of actually ignoring all the good shit he’s been doing.

He looks like a fucking tank too - keeping in really good shape despite entering the twilight years of his career.


Surely that was his best game for the club ?


Everything we thought a Wenger team was. Petr has just proven it. Interesting read this


Pretty damning from Cech on Wenger’s Arsenal.

I know the first minute he walked into the dressing room he must have been thinking WTF is this shit?


These types of articles I am very sceptical of, purely for the fact that answers he gives have no context in terms of what questions were asked.


I think the fact that Cech came from Chelsea, who’s managers were far more focused on winning than style, he must have wondered what Wenger was up to.

Wenger did have some of the most entertaining teams in Europe but in the last few seasons we had become predictable and stale, as well as unsuccessful, so it’s no surprise to hear Cech say what he did.

I imagine all the other top players that played under Wenger, that left, would have the same opinion as well.


Fuck the clean sheet it looks like Arsenal might finally have a captain again.


I knew you’d be at the ready with your scepticism of anything even remotely resembling an anti-Wenger stance.


Probably still devestated he’s left :joy:


Yeah not buying it… I think it is reasonable to accuse Wenger of being stubborn and persisting with his methods, but I don’t buy the idea that Wenger actually consciously said “hmmm, let’s not worry too much about results as long as we play this way”.

I think it is probably more accurate to suggest that Wenger (wrongly, mind you) believed in the long run his methods would come good and be proven to give the best results.

Despite all his shortcomings, people at his level are all maniacally competitive - I don’t understand people who question that at all honestly.


I think he pretty much thought this way


Yeah not buying it but I know there are plenty that agree with you.

I just think he was past it and was overdue for replacing…


I could get more on board with this if we were actually playing with a clear identity and producing exciting and attractive football, but it’s not like we were even getting that towards the end of Wenger’s reign.